Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


8. Worried!


Justin's POV

"JAyyy... Come onnnn...." Cyan wined, dragging me towards the twentieth shop since we left house. I am so tired. My feet are killing me. We had been shopping for hours now. 

Buying our babies clothes :)

 It's fun actually.

I couldn't stop smiling about the fact that the day I had been waiting for finally came, when I am shopping for my child. I had always wanted to be a father. My father left me when I was only 10 months. I want my child to have both his parents care. I want to be in his life and raise him with my beautiful wife.

I stepped inside the shop, finding my baby girl squealing in excitement, looking at the sweat shirt she chose for our baby.

I smiled and walked towards her. I wrapped my arms around her waist kissing her cheek. 
"Baby, I am so tired, we should leave now... Pleassseeeeee" I wined.

She signed and nodded yes.

I smiled again but my smile dropped when I focused on Cyan's face. She looked so pale & tired. Obviously! If I am tired, she would be tired as much as I am or more actually since she is carrying a baby.

"Are you okay?",I asked after a couple seconds of staring at her.

She timidly nodded.

I knew something wasn't right.

"Are you sure?" I asked again.

"Yes J" she replied palely. 

I grabbed her face and forced her to look at me. She had big dark circles under her eyes and her skin was unusually whiter. 

I shook my head and kissed her soft. She didn't kiss back :/

Okay what's wrong?

She pulled away "Jay... I think something's wrong with our ba.." 

She couldn't even Finnish before she passed out.


"What's wrong with her doctor? Is everything okay?!" 

I asked the doctor once he was done checking my sick queen. I am worried sick right now. I couldn't stop pacing back and forth.

"No... I am afraid she is not okay....she is too week to conceive a baby right now" the doctor said nervously. 

My heart stopped.... 

No way!!!

What's wrong with our baby. 

This can't be happening right now. 

Oh my God!!!

 What should I do?

I yelled. All the nurses and patients started staring at me. "I thought our baby was healthy!!!"

"No sir, your son is not alright. We can't find his heart beat right now. We need to wait for the reports."

The doctor who's name is Dr.Collin said calmly.

Why the fuck is her so calm. I am dying right now. The anger took 0ver. 

You know sometimes my anger gets the best of me. 

I swung my fist and punched the doctor square in the face. He yelped in pain holding his cheek. 

I rushed towards my baby's ward and as I entered the room, my gaze fixed on my bAby girl's pale body.

She looked lifeless. 

So helpless. 

A tear escaped my eye. I wiped it quickly. I need to stay strong for my girl and our baby.

I rushed towards her. I held her hand. More tears escaped their way out and in very less time I started sobbing. 

I shouldn't have taken her out. She was fine this morning. This is my fault. 

I closed my eyes and silently sobbed holding on my wife's hand.

"W-what's wrong J-Jay?" Cyan's week voice ringed in my ears.

I lifted my head up quickly alarmed that she is awake and saw me weeping....

I found her staring numbly right back at me.

I caressed her cheek and gave her a reassuring "every thing is alright" smile. 

She smiled back but her smile dropped. 

"H-how's o-our baby b-boy?" She asked nervously stuttering.

"The doctors don't know yet, I am sure he is fine, he is my son, he ain't week" 

I chuckled trying to lighten up the mood but failing miserably when Cyan furrowed further.

I sighed. Just as I was about to say something the door cracked indicating that some one has opened it and I turned around to see who it was when my heart stopped.

It was...

"Jason?" The lady said.

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