Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


17. Tough decision


Jason's POV

After the doctor left, I signed wiping my tears with one hand and holding my baby with the other. She was crying in my chest.

 It pained me that our little baby girl is dying....but for the safety of my wife and our baby boy...we need to get her out......

My poor baby girl.....

I kept on saying soothing words to Cyan....she sniffles and looked up...

"I can't d-do t-t-this.." She cracked with a hiccup in the process.

"Cant do what?" I asked frowning my eye brows.

"I can't kill m-my ch-child." She sniffled.

My eyes shot up. 

"N-no baby please, we have to do this....I love u and the twins but for you and our baby boy's safety w-we have to..." I spoke.

"W-What..!? No Jase...no please...you c-can't make me...please Jason...no, just No!" She  almost shouted trying to get out of my grip.

My grip tightened on her as my eyes turned black.

"stay still" I said through greeted teeth.

She ignored me and kept on wiggling her body.

I held her face by force and pressed my lips on hers.

She kissed me back and grabbed the back of my neck pulling me closer.

I pulled out breathless.

"Baby please....we have to" I started.


"No buts.."

I crouched down until I was facing her growing stomach. 

I kissed it twice considering both my babies are in there.

"I love u both so so so much" I kissed it again. "My little baby girl.." A tear slipped down my cheek. I wiped it quickly. 

I have to be strong for them, my family.

I rubbed her stomach and stood up as my eyes met Cyans. Her eyes showing nothing but adoration with a little hint of worry.

I smiled.

"Let's go baby" I held her hand and we left the room.

Everything will work out. 

I hope.

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