Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


7. Take A picture, it will last longer


Justin's POV

Today I am going to take Cyan out. It's not exactly a date. I just want her to go out and take in some fresh air. It's been a week and Cyan haven't gone out. She said she don't feel like doing anything. I don't blame her.

The baby is making her dizzy and sick all the time.

You know morning sickness gets the best of her. She would sit beside the toilet for almost an hour throwing up which worries me. I hate seeing her like this. She says it's not a big deal but for me it is. I brought her all her favourite foods, drinks, movies.
We would cuddle all day and watch movies....

I haven't been going on work lately and I could care less about it. I am the boss so I can take as many days off as I wish for.

I am just spending quality time with my queen and my little buddy.

"Hey baby" Cyan's sweet voice spoke from behind.

I turned around, just to be faced by my breath taking, absolutely gorgeous wife. I had my mouth wide open. 

I guess Cyan noticed my reaction because her perfect heart shaped lips curled into a teasing smirk and she spoke.

"Take a picture, it will last longer"

I smiled and walked towards her, picking her up and spinning her around careful not to put any weight on her stomach.

I kissed her fully on the lips. I licked her bottom lip but she won't let me in. I love it when she makes me go hard, it shows how tough she is.

I squeezed her butt mAking her squeal in surprise. I smirked as I got entrance to her mouth. Our tongues fought for dominance.
I pressed my lower half in her which made her moan. I picked her up and placed her on the big white leathered  couch we have in the tv lounge. I hovered over her, being very careful, not to crush her.

I started kissing her neck. I licked and sucked making her moan hard. 
I wanted her SOOO bad right now. I am not even sure if we should do this because this might make me go wild on her and the last thing I wanted was to make love to her while she's pregnant. I don't wanna overwork her. I want our baby to be healthy so for his sake I stopped and hovered off her. Cyan opened her eyes giving me a confused look, furrowing her eyebrows in the cutest way ever.

"What's wrong?" she said in uneven breaths. 

"We have to stop..." I said caressing her cheek with the back of my hand.

"Why..? Wait stupid question. You are right, Jason won't like that" she giggled when she said our baby's name for the first time. We haven't decided on that yet but I like "Jason" but it's not appropriate if the father and baby have the same name....

WAIT!Forget what I just said. Ya -_-

We should better get going.

I stood up and offered my hand to my baby gir|.
she gladly accepted it and we fixed our clothes before heading out to start our day.

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