Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


26. Some tension

(2 months later)

Jason's POV

"Ok ok...I know....but still you guys be alert....I want no trouble.....trust me if you people messed up this ti-..... Let me finish asshole! I won't spare either one of you. Ya, Ya. K...cya"

I ended the phone call. I was talking to one of my trusted gang members. We want more protection for us...Cyan...our baby....

I hate it that they are even involved. I mean they are meant to be safe and away from the danger. But no....those assholes want to take away the most precious thing I have.

But I won't let them do any harm to my baby girl. I had like to see them try. And then they will see the hell I will raise. 

By the way she is seven months! Seriously SEVEN MONTHS! Only two more months to go and then our very first beautiful baby boy will come to this world...can't wait to be honest. 

I am SOOO excited :D

Cyan's POV 

I was currently in my room watching mama. It's scary as fuck but Idc. 

"OHMYGOSH" I yelled at the sight in front of my eyes. It was creepy man!

Suddenly I heard heavy footsteps approaching our room. Jason burst open the door and ran towards me.

"Whats wrong honey!? You okay?! Are you hurt!? Is it time to go to the hospital!?" 

He frantically asked me questions. I just smiled cutely and shook my head. 

I pulled him with me on the couch and kissed his lips firmly.

"I am fine baby...why so frantic hun? Plus I am only seven months...the baby isn't coming so early" I said joyfully. 

He signed in relief.

"But I swear I heard- I heard you scream...I-I thought you were hurt..." He said confusion evident in his voice.

"Ahh well I was watching that...so..." I pointed towards the tv.

He signed again and relaxed. He looked so tired and exhausted. 

"What up babe...you seem so tense?" I asked caressing his cheek.


I knew he was hiding something.

I signed in frustration and turned away from him.

"You know you are really annoying" I confessed.

I could see him knitting his eye brows from the corner of my eye. 

"What is that suppose to mean?" He spat in frustration.

My heart sank. I didn't reply cause he was in a bad mood and I am in no mood to fight. I hate it when he snap at me. I just feel sad maybe it's the pregnancy hormones.
I got up from the couch and walked towards our bed. Jason didn't follow which made me feel..... bad. 

I laid on my bed pulling the covers along. I could feel eyes on me but knowing who it was I ignored him and drifted off to sleep not before hearing Jason words "good night baby, I love you both sooo much." 

Kissing my temple, he gave my stomach a rub, kissing it as well..he left the room leaving me alone in the darkness of my own deep thoughts.

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