Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


14. Sick?


Four months later.

Justin's/Jason's POV

It's been almost 4 months. We have shifted to a new house. It's bigger then last one and more prettier. It have more rooms and a big swimming pool in front and even in back. Cool right? (;

Cyan have become a lot bigger now. We can now actually see the small baby bump. She looks really cute! We recently went for shopping to buy her some new,comfy, loose clothes. She loves them. We even bought similar onesies. lol 

She is eating a lot lately and I don't blame her. Our baby is really healthy. I can tell. I was going back home from work, I had some shit to take care of. You see my gang kind of messed up with "Collins" and since I am the boss, I needed to deal with that shit now. I didn't wanted to leave my baby home alone but she insisted me to go since I take a lot of days off to spend time with her. She said she needs some alone time so I gave her what she asked for. I know she have got mood swings and again I don't blame her. It's our baby's fault.

 I just reached home and parked my car in the driveway. 

I rushed inside. I was desperate to see my baby girl and our little master. 

I know it sounds weird but I usually talk to my son. Cyan would just giggle or laugh at my silliness but I don't care. I know he can hear me...right? 

Of coarse he can!

I opened our new bedroom's door and there she was on the couch, cuddled up with the soft pink blanket. Her arms were curled up around her stomach protectively. 

I smiled.

I went near her and scooped down. 
I just stared at her. 

She had a pouty face, Her cheeks were light pink, hair were in their natural form. She looked adorable and quite sexy if you ask me...I snapped a picture and quickly turned away when she shifted, she slowly opened her eyes to see her incredibly sexy husband, smiling at her like an idiot. (;

"Hey" we said in union. 

We both let out a chuckle. 

"How are you feeling?" I asked concerned.

"We are good" she smiled assuringly. I kissed her temple and picked her up bridal style. 

I just noticed she is heavier now!

"What!?" Cyan shrieked. "You think I am fat??"

Oops, I guess I said that out loud.

I just chuckled and placed her on the bed carefully. She had a pouty face. I kissed her pouty lips and replied "Nah! I know you are fat!" I laughed when she frowned further. 

"I hate u J"

"No you don't" I replied. I scooped down and kissed her stomach. 

"Hey baby! Miss me? Daddy's home! I missed you so much" I said staring at her stomach and kissing it all over, not leaving any single spot. Cyan laughed at my silliness. More like sweetness, she knows I love our baby.

"AHHH!" Suddenly out of no where she let out a cry.

I snapped my head towards her. She was clutching her stomach. Tears streaming down her eyes....

Shit. Oh God no...

What's wrong..?

"What's wrong baby? You okay? Did I hurt you? Is it bad?"

 I threw all these question at her, she just clutched her stomach and whimpered. 

I called the doctor right away....
I held her hand and she squeezed it really tight...I can tell she's in pain :(

I rested my hand on her stomach and gently kissed her temple.

Some one ringed the doorbell... It was the doctor...I rushed and opened the door leading the doctor to my sick queen and unborn prince. 

I hope every thing is okay..... 

Dear God protect my family...... Amen.

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