Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


24. She sure knows how to calm me down! (;


Jason's POV

I was so angry right now. Scratch that I was furious!

Why would she say that?

I can't believe she said that...I mean in front of her husband...seriously?

I wanted to break stuff and scream to release me anger/tension/jealousy whatever was building up in me but that would be a bit over exaggerating.

But I could care less at the moment...

She shouldn't have said that...I just don't like it...

I just sat there, on the couch in our balcony...looking at the stars and just thinking.

My thoughts were interrupted by a low all too familiar voice calling my name... It was my baby.

I heard her soft footsteps coming closer to the balcony slowly making my heart beat accelerate. 

Although i am still mad at her but I just love her SOo much to be mad at her for long.

Then I felt the couch sink beside me, I pretended I was still mad although I am not...I just kept staring at the stars.

It was quite for a while...

Too Quite...

"Jason..." She whispered lowly, her voice sounding incredibly sexy...

I ignored her.

She signed heavily...

I feel kinda bad now.

I opened my mouth to say that it was okay and I am not mad anymore but before I said anything, she gently  grabbed my hand and put it on her stomach.

I felt him kick. I smiled instantly. I turned towards her grinning, cheesing like a little kid, showing my teeth. 

Her sad eyes lit up immediately and she smiled too.  

She sure knows how to calm me down.

"I know you were joking...but dont EVER do that again." I said sternly watching her gulp. 

My eyes softens almost immediately and I pull her in a hug. I hate when she is scared of me. 

I just hate it so much.

She is only allowed to love me... Not hate me. 


She is the love of me life...and I care about her so much...she is mine...and i am hers...we are perfect for each other.

She pulled away with a smile.

I smiled back quickly.

"So you Aren't m-" she was cutoff by a loud crash...in our front yard?  

My eyes shot up and I pulled her close.

I quickly got off of the couch and grabbed Cyan's hand pulling her gently with me.

We hastily went inside. I locked the balcony door and rushed towards our room to grab my revolver. 

Cyan's eyes widened when she saw my gun. I watched her gulp and her hands turned into fists.

I sighed heavily.

I walked towards her and grabbed her face in my both hands and pressed my lips to her. She didn't hesitate to kiss back. I pulled away, a small smile on my face.

"Just....Stay....inside....the room. Okay?" I said slowly against her lips, my forehead resting on hers.

She timidly nodded. I let go of her and lightly rubbed her stomach. 

Taking a deep breath, I opened our rooms door, locking it... Not before making sure the windows were closed.

I rushed downstairs towards our front yard seeing the place trashed 


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