Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


5. Nightmare

Cyan's POV

I finally woke up along an ear piercing scream escaping from my parted lips. I was sweating ALOT. My hair were damp and I could feel my face turning red. My fingers were twitching and i realised I was crying. Justin came in the room rushing out the toilet like electricity. My man is a fast runner! Wow! 
Within seconds I was in his arms and I was already feeling safe. He whispered soothing things in my ear. My both hands were clutching my stomach. My dream was absolutely horrible. I was scared to death...

If that was real...man! I should really stop watching such pathetic movies which result in nightmares like these.

Justin looked at me with a worried expression. His eyes were watery.

"Are u okay?" He said in his sweet voice, concern dripping of each word he said.

I shook my head no.

He hugged me tighter careful not to squeeze my stomach to much.

"Did u had a bad dream baby?"

I nodded, not being able to say a word due to the shocking and terrifying nightmare I just had.

"Wanna talk about it?" Justin said moving closer to me placing a gentle, soft kiss on my temple. He rubbed my stomach lightly. 

"Y-yeah" I stuttered.

He gave me a reassuring smile, encouraging me to start speaking.
I opened my mouth but nothing really came out. I didn't even wanna think about it. I hope u know why....

"Baby..." Justin started cutting me out of my trance. 

"J-Jay I just had t-the w-worst nightmare.."

"What was it, tell me please?" Justin urged me to speak.

I finally started after taking a deep breath, " I-I was in m-my labour, you we-were d-driving..." I couldn't complete. A sob escaped my lips. 

Justin softly kissed my lips...he gently caressed my cheek. That's when I looked in his eyes. He was crying. His eyes were puffy. I guess he had been crying all this time too.  

"Carry on baby.." Justin said in a whisper. His lips brushing over mine sending a shiver down my body.

"We were a-almost at the h-hospital when a t-truck hit our car and..." My voice started to crack when that horrible scene replayed in my head. 
"You l-lost control and we h-had a h-horrible accident. Y-you died instantly and then t-the truck crushed m-my stomach and our b-baby..." At this point I completely lost it. I was crying hysterically. That nightmare really got me. Justin had his arms around me protectively. 

"It's okay baby, we are okay... Our baby is safe...your safe" Justin whispered in my ear calming me ab¡t.
"I hate seeing you cry, please relax. This is not good for you and our baby boy, please calm down baby. You need to be strong." Justin whispered running his hand behind my back trying to calm me down. 

It was just a dream after all. I thought. All that matters is I am safe and so is our baby and my husband. 

God please Keep us Safe! I want nothing more then my family's safety...


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