Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


28. Jason, I need you


Cyan's POV 

Jason just left, he was looking really tense and uneasy. I knew why so I didn't bother to ask.

I just want him to leave and come back soon. I know I will be fine, it's just one night...what can possibly happen to me right? I mean i used to be alone mostly when Jason had to go to work before but even then he used to call every half an hour. But now he is even more protective.

 Maybe because of the baby....

Anyway the moment I heard the front door slam shut indicating Jason had left, I hopped out of the bed and made my way down the stairs. The lights were all turned on. I went inside the kitchen and started looking for food to eat since I am already hungry :P

I know, I know i just ate an hour ago but what can I do...blame my baby.

I was in the middle of making the pancake when I heard some voices outside the house. I stopped what I was doing and turned around. The voices stopped and then I heard whispering. I merely ignored them, I was about to turn around when I saw  a shadow outside my window.

 The person was trying to open the window?

Then I saw another shadow who was trying to open the other window....

It freaked me out.

I ran towards the stair case as fast as I could. It was hard because my stomach started hurting. I wasn't even on the stairs when I heard the window of our front room brake.

I totally freaked out at this point.

Who are they? 


Jason's enemies?


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard someone speak lowly almost in a whisper.

"Let's find her, she must be at home. The lights are on..." 

There was a pause.

"Jason will pay big time" another voice spoke. 

Then I heard low snickers. 

There were more then two people. 

I already had tears In my eyes. 

There's no way they are gonna hurt my baby. 

Just then something caught my eye. The small secret room under the stairs. I tiptoed there, opened the door slowly and stepped in. The room was really...REALLY small. I had to curl in a ball to even fit there since the room was already filled with other stuff like our groceries etc.  

Suddenly I heard foot steps coming towards the stairs. I closed the door slowly and locked it from inside. 

My stomach started hurting so bad. I wanted to scream in pain but I held it in and covered my mouth while biting my lip. 

I heard things being thrown and trashed. Glass and plates crashing on the floor.

Awe my crockery... Shut up Cyan they are here to kill you! 
I heard someone say in a normal tone. 

"Guys no ones at home...she isn't here" he said with a sigh. 

He sounded familiar?

Another voice said rather harshly,"but I saw that slut cooking here through the window" he barked.

I clenched my jaw. No one call me names! 

"What's that smell?" A dude whispered.

"Ya...I was thinking the same thing..." The dude who called me a "slut" whispered I guess.

"Bro, the food is burning" someone said laughing.

Shit! I forgot about the food!

Then I heard a fist of laughter.

"This means the bitch is right here, in the house. LOOK FOR HER!" The man screamed the last part.

I flinched. 

I wanted to call Jason but my phone is upstairs. :(

I want to cry my eyes out. 

I m gonna die.

My baby's gonna d-

NO! We will be okay! Jason will come and save us! 

Jason...I need you.


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