Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


21. I can't believe this!


Jason's POV 

I was on my desk arranging files when I received a text from Cyan saying she was gonna take a shower. I replied back instantly telling her to wait until I get back so I can help her. She replied moments later telling me that I shouldn't worry and I can just envision her rolling her eyes to herself.

I sighed and gathered my stuff, ready to leave when Drake, one of my gang members came in with a nervous look.

I raised my eyebrow at him as in to ask what he wants.

"I-I....sir that Cole refused to hand us back our money." He cracked.

I kind of laughed since he was to scared that I might blow his head of if I get angry, what a pussy!

"K, just tell them to give us our money back or we will blow their heads of." I clenched my jaw.

Drake nodded and left.

I took my phone and unlocked it. I called Cyan but she didn't answer. Maybe she is in the shower already.

I signed and gathered my weapons and placed them in the big suitcase along with all my important documents and other stuff.

Fifteen minutes passed and when I was done packing I left my office, locking it on the way. I waked down the hall, on my way I heard the guys saying their byes and good nights to me which I ignored.

I unlocked my car and stepped in. I called Cyan again but no answer. It's been 30 minutes now. She should be done by now. 

I started to get worried. 

I sped of towards home. I just hope she didn't slip or anything and is okay. 

I parked in the drive way and unlocked the door. I rushed inside and made my way up the stairs. 

I opened our bed room door and she wasn't there. I rushed towards the bathroom and pushed open the door  with force when suddenly it hit something or SOMEONE.....


They fall back flying on the floor. 

I knew who it was and my heart instantly stopped when I realised that I just hit CYAN accidentally and as soon as my eyes travelled down on the floor, I saw her laying there clutching her stomach and tears in her eyes. 

She was whimpering. 

All colour from my face drained and I rushed towards her carrying her body outside the bathroom. It was then I realised that she had passed out. 

Tears fall from my eyes like a waterfall. I carried her to the car and sped of to the hospital. 

I can't believe I just hurt them and my baby boy might be seriously injured considering the door hit her stomach so hard. 


I cried more at the thought of something happening to my wife and son because of me...

If something happened to them I would NEVER be able to cope with the fact that I killed my wife or child.


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