Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


32. Gosh! I missed her


Jason's POV 

I think we have got her. I have found my baby..finally ❤️

I tried to calm my self by taking deep breaths.

I am soo dam anxious to see ma baby gosh I have missed her so much.

And our little baby boy. 

We entered the warehouse and started firing. I can tell we took them off guard since they all stayed exactly where they were, not moving a muscle in case my gang shoot them.

David, one of my gang members said softly," Jason we have got these, you go find your princess" 

I hastily nodded and when I saw everything was calm and in place I ran upstairs knowing she could be somewhere there.

I opened a door, it was the assholes weapon room.

I went further in the hallway and opened all the doors in my way.
Gosh! So many dam doors.

I heard whimpering from the end of the hallway.

I know this voice. 

My baby. 

I ran as fast as I could 
And opened the door fast just to be shot in my shoulder. 

I held my shoulder as I feel on my back.

When I looked up I saw four men towering over me. 

Then my eyes met hers. 

She was there, In front of me. 

Tears in her beautiful eyes.

 Her hand resting on her stomach. 

"Baby..." I whispered and suddenly someone's fist met my cheek sending me backwards.

I heard cyan scream.

Just then the door burst open and all my gang members came in. 

Cyan rushed towards me.

All the men were now held back by my gang members.

I tried to get up but I couldn't. Cyan 
reached down and I tacked her into a tight hug. I hid my face in her hair. 
She started sobbing.

"Shssss baby calm..plz calm down...just shhhhhssssss.." I whispered in her ear.

She pulled back and captured my lips into a passionate kiss.

Gosh! I missed it. 

I held her face responding with the kiss.

We pulled away and stared at each other.

She was so pale. Her eyes were tired and puffy.

"Baby let's go home" I whispered stroking her cheek.

She nodded and held back her whimpers. 

"Hey..hey...calm my love just calm down." I whispered. She sheepishly nodded.

"Take me away" she almost moaned.

I frowned cause her voice was so pained. 

That's when I noticed she was holding her stomach.

It's probably hurting. All this shooting and violence must be too much for her. 

"Baby u okay?" 

"I am okay Jason...just please take me away" 

I got up and helped her up. 

We walked out of the warehouse. 
It was cold, I wrapped my jacket around her. 

"Better?" I asked.

She nodded. 

Her eyes were closed. She nuzzled her head in my neck. 

I smiled.

"I missed you" I whispered 

"Me too.." She replied. 

We sat in the car.

Finally I m going home with my precious family all safe and sound.





Sorry I updated after soooo long.
I was just busy and didn't had time 
I m soooo sorry.
Love ya.
Hope you enjoyed reading this new chapter. 

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