Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


19. First kick


Jason's POV

After I finished feeding Cyan, I wiped her mouth with a napkin and kissed her cheek gently before getting of the couch.

I dunked all the dirty plates in the sink and turned on the tap to start rinsing them. 

Suddenly I felt small arms snake around my waist, hugging me from behind. 

I smiled knowing who is was.

"I am sorry" she whispered.

I frowned.

I abruptly turned around and saw Cyan frowning at me.

"What..? Why you sorry baby?" I asked in a weird tone which showed nothing but confusion.

"Cause you have to do all the work" she said plainly.

I smiled.

"Just relax okay...your my Queen, you are not suppose to work anyway" I kissed her nose and started washing again. 

I heard her sigh and then I heard small footsteps walking away from the kitchen. 

I was finished so I went to our room and signed in relief when I saw Cyan already on the bed under the covers reading Forbes magazine. 

I smiled when she looked up. She smiled back and motioned me to come over.

I ran towards the bed, kicked my shoes off, took off my shirt and pants leaving me in nothing but my boxers.  

I saw from the corner of my eye that Cyan had been staring at me ever since I entered the room.

I turned towards her and smirked. 

She blushed instantly and looked away.

Man! She is too Darn Adorable!

I got under the covers chuckling I kissed her forehead. 

She just stared at the wall. Her cheeks tinting red.

"Why you so red baby?"

She just bit her lip and looked at her lap, her hair hiding her face.

I smirked knowing my effect on her.

I sat in front of her, brushed her hair from her face and kissed her softly.
My chest was touching her large stomach. I was kissing her deep and soft, changing sides every once in a while. She was lost under my touch, I know. 

I smirked and kissed harder. I was about to pull away to kiss her neck when I felt something weird on my chest, like a little kick.

Cyan abruptly pulled away and gasped. 

"Did u feel that?!" She almost yelled in excitement.

"Ya...what was that?" I asked confused when the realisation kicked in that my little buddy had just moved for the first time and not only Cyan but I also felt his little kick since her stomach was touching my chest.

"Oh Jesus!" I shrieked. I smiled wide and put my big hands on her stomach. Cyan laid her hand on mine smiling.

"Our baby's first kick" she whispered smiling, I could blearly hear her.

"Ya!" I breathed out desperate to feel him again.

"Ah come on do it again." Cyan whined. 

"Ya come on champ!" I shrieked but nothing happened.  

"I think he's ju- Owwww!" Cyan and I gasped when the baby kicked so much harder now.

"OHMYLORD!" I Beamed at her stomach and kissed it so many times.

Cyan giggled. I looked up at her and smiled.

"But it hurts..." Cyan pouted.

"I am sorry baby" I rested my forehead on hers.

"Nuh! It ain't your fault..." She smiled. 

"The pain is worth it" she said rubbing her stomach.

I am happiest at this moment.

"ThankYou" I whispered, my voice so low not even audible. 

"For what?" Cyan frowned.

"For this" I kissed her stomach and rested my head on it, closing my eyes, I fell asleep right there with my wife and our little baby. 

She have made me the happiest man alive! 

I literally love them so much!



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