Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


18. Cute moments


Jason's POV 

It's been two weeks since the abortion of our baby girl. 

The doctors first said that our baby boy might die too but when the reports came we were absolutely relieved that both mother and son are fine.

Cyan was really upset in the beginning but then got over it after sometime. 

I silently steeped inside our room which was dark, not too dark though giving a cozy feeling. Cyan was in the bed tucked under the covers taKing her afternoon nap which is important for her since the baby keeps her sick and vulnerable. 

She is  acting a lot strange. One minute she is happy, then the other minute she is crying.

I guess they are just pregnancy hormones. 

I smiled as I gently placed the shopping bags on the big white lathered couch. I just came back from doing some shopping for my queen and our little baby while Cyan was taking her nap. 

I picked the covers and got under them trying my hardest not to wake them <Cyan and my baby> (;

But failed miserably when Cyan opened her beautiful eyes instantly, still sleepy and exhausted she asked,"where have you been?"

"Out" I answered simply and kissed her temple. 

She nodded and fell back to sleep.

As time passed I found myself looking at her non-stop. Her perfection drowns me deeper and deeper everyday. 

When ever I look at her I feel shivers and my heart swells every time she kiss me or even say my name.

I just LOVE her SOo much!

And she knows it.

"I love you" I kissed her nose and fell into a peaceful slumber dreaming about her and our future with our baby boy.

Cyan's POV 

I woke up and instantly my eyes fell on the clock which showed that I had slept quite good 5 hours.
It was 7pm and I had to get up now and prepare some dinner. Well if Jason let me...you see he is soo over protective, he doesn't want me to work or anything but it gets boring so I have to find ways to keep my self busy.

I saw Jason lying next to me. His head in front of my stomach as in he was more of sleeping with the baby. 
I giggled and nodded agreeing with myself. I didn't feel like waking him up. He looked so peaceful.

I gently removed his arms away from my large stomach and got out of the bed.

My baby is so big now. Bless :)
I rubbed my stomach and slipped into my soft, purple cardigan.

I walked towards the door, opening it and then closing it without making any sound. I don't want to wake Jason or he will just make me sit and do all the cooking. 

Don't get me wrong. He is one hell of a good cook. (;

But I really want to make something today.

My stomach growled indicating my little companion is hungry.

I rubbed my stomach,"Just 15 minutes baby and then we will eat."

 I smiled and grabbed my stomach with left hand while bending down to grab the saucepan. 

It was a bit difficult now that I am big, I couldn't bend down properly.

Suddenly someone grabbed my waist from behind straightening me gently. 

I turned around to face the one and only Jason Mccain. My beautiful husband. 

I smiled but it dropped instantly the moment I examined his face. 

He was furrowing.

Worry kicked in me.

"What's wrong hUnny?" I asked him bringing my hand to his cheek and caressing it.

He grabbed my hand and dropped it to my side slowly.

I looked at him in confusion. 

Did I do something?

"How many times have I told you not to even enter the kitchen when I am home, what if you burn yourself or get hurt while bending like you were  doing just a while ago. Hun?" He said in a very annoyed tone.

My heart ached. He rarely gets mad at me. I looked down as soon as I felt tears in the corners of my eyes. 

Worry much have kicked into him since the moment I looked down, he tensed up and softly grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him.

"Hey,hey,hey...I m so sorry I didn't mean to be harsh...I uh...baby, I am such an ass Ugh..I made you upset which is not good for you and our baby...uhh I just...I worry for you, ya know...I just don't wanna loose you, if somethi-"

I placed my index finger on his lips and he finally shut his mouth. 

At this point I wasn't hungry. I just looked away and started walking towards our room. He grabbed my wrist and turned me around.
That's when I saw tears in his eyes.

My eyes soften and I let my tears fall too. We looked at each other for a second and just cried silently.  

"I am sorry please don't fight with me baby.." He muttered.

I nodded and wiped his tears. He wiped mine.

"No Jason, I am sorry...I always defy you" I muttered resting my forehead on his.

He sighed knowing I was right. 

"I just didn't wanted to wake you up, you looked so peaceful" I continued

He shushed me and softly kissed my lips.

We closed our eyes and just stood there for what felt like forever when suddenly my stomach growled and Jason eyes shot open.

"Oh shit, let's make you something. Sorry baby I didn't even realise that you would have been so hungry... You haven't eaten for almost 6 hours now and it's not good to be hungry for so long in such condition, I am sor-"

I cut him of by smacking his lips. 

"You talk to much" I giggled.

Jason smiled and placed me gently on the comfortable chair of our kitchen.

"What do you want baby boy?" He asked kissing my stomach.

"I want fish and chips daddy" I answered giggling.

Jason grinned and fried some fish and chips, we brought from the super market. 

I was just watching him.

He looked so adorable. Every once in a while he would look at me and smile or smirk or make a kissy face.

He finally finished cooking and set everything on the table in front of me without any help.

I feel like a queen. He won't let me do anything what so ever it's frustrating but I didn't object and just went with it.

I reached to grab the fork when Jason grabbed it  before I even reached for it.

I frowned but he just smiled.
He dug in the food and started feeding me. 

He is so adorable!

I smiled and enjoyed the delicious meal he prepared for me.



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