Our baby <3

Cyan and Justin couldnt be happier. They have been married for quite a long time ... He wants a baby now and thats happening :) finally :*


3. Couldnt be happier <3

Cyan's POV

Saying I was nervous would be an understatement. It was a new feeling. The feeling i never had before. I was scared for my child. I just want him or her to be healthy and normal. We just reached the hospital. Justin got out of the car and opened the door for me as usual. I smiled and thanked him politely earning a smile from my man. We interlocked our fingers and headed in. When we reached the counter the lady told us to wait and take a seat. She was being a little flirty with Justin which made me a bit uncomfortable.
I guess Justin noticed since he gently squeezed my hand, lowly whispering in my ear," She means nothing to me baby, don't worry"
Which relaxed me a little. I just nodded earning a sign from Justin. We headed in the Doctors room when she called my name. I glared at that lady who was sitting on the counter smirking and checking Justin out. 

I sat on the blue small comfy sofa with Justin beside me on a chair. The doctor gave me a gel to put on my stomach. I pulled up my shirt revealing my flat stomach but before I could dig my hand in the gel bowl and apply on my stomach, Justin did it for me :)
how cute!
He applied the gel gently on my stomach smiling up at me. I couldn't help but smile back. 
He is so adorable!
The doctor awed making me blush. 

Justin chuckled and kissed my temple. After applying the gel the doctor started the procedure.
She turned on the screen and moved something on my stomach which gave the inner view of my stomach. Then we heard a slow, peaceful heartbeat of our child making me and Justin smile wide. The doctor turned and looked at us," wow! Seems like your baby is healthy,
 and ah let me check, congratulations it's a baby boy.." 

I squealed in happiness, and hugged Justin tight who was smiling crazy but not really hugging me back though...which upset me. I slowly pulled away with a frown. I wanted to ask what's his problem but I ignored it knowing it was nothing to worry about. I guess. I turned towards the doctor who gave me a picture of my ultrasound and told me that I can take off the gel. I did as I was bid to do. Justin was quiet and he didn't even help me take the gel off. WHAT'S HIS PROBLEM?  
I started to worry...

maybe he is not happy to know about our baby boy.

maybe he is not sure if he wants to be a father.

maybe he I....

My thoughts were cut off by Justin shaking me a little. "Wake up baby! Where U at?" He whispered.

I didn't even look at him. I just got up and started walking out ignoring him completely. 
"Hey what wrong baby", Justin almost yelled while running after me. 

I couldn't hold it in I let the tears sprinkle down my cheeks... 

Justin stopped me and examined my face. He got a worried look on his face seeing me cry made him upset I guess.....
"Baby why you crying?" he said caressing  my cheek in a soothing manner and whipping off my tears.

"Why Aren't you happy Jay?", I said in a strained voice.

"what are talking about?"

"You know dam well what I m talking about" I said raising my voice....

"Baby....I don't kn...wait...r u upset about when I didn't hug you back cause u think that I m not happy about our baby boy?!"

I nodded.

Justin was dumbfounded. He let out a sign. He just hold me for a while then said "Baby I couldn't be happier, your r the best thing that ever happened to me and now our baby" 

He placed his big hands on my stomach and stared at it.

He started again "Baby, it was nothing you have to worry about" He said nervously. 

I got a questioning look on my face, earning a sign from Justin, he finally let it out. 

"Baby it's just...okay this might sound weird but I ...... Kinda read some cautions taken around pregnant ladies and that stated not to put any sort of w-weight or pressure on the stomach for whole 9 months...especially first 3 months...this m-might damage the baby...I was just being careful since u hugged me so tight.... sorry baby" 

I was shocked but then my expression turned into awe.
I couldn't help so I just kissed him
A little to hard I guess....Justin held my hip and gave me a gentle squeeze making me laugh a little....

This resulted in him smiling. I smiled back...he is such a sweetheart....I mean such an adorable husband and father. 
I love him so much!

"I love u too" I heard Justin mumble between our lips.

I guess I said that out loud...Haha 

I love my life since I have such a loving husband. I couldn't ask for more and I definitely couldn't be happier.


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