Snow White

Hi. This is a play that I and my friend Potterhead74 wrote, and I think it's pretty awesome. I'm the evil queen and she's Snow White. Hope you like it!


8. Scene 7

Scene 7: Snow/ Prince    spray bottle

Prince: This seems like a good place to stay. Oh my gosh! Why is there a girl passed out on the ground? Wait, she’s actually kinda cute when she sleeps.

(Bends down to face, snow takes spray bottle from behind her, sprays prince)

Prince: Ahh!! What did you do to my eyes? I just got new contacts man!!!

Snow: Well think twice, are we not 12?

Prince: Actually, we’re 13.

Snow: Plus, I don’t get married to men I just met, even though almost every other princess I’ve met does..

Prince: So, do you know any princesses that need saving?

Snow: Anna’s a mile down the road. But the prince she wants to marry is evil, so perfect match!!

Prince (In a mocking voice): But he’s evil so it will be a perfect watch!!

Snow: Get out!!

(Prince walks off stage, dwarves wake up)

D1: Who was that weirdo?

Snow: The guy who was supposed to be my prince, but sucks at his job.

Regina:Princes these days...

Snow: Oh I know!! I’ve only had 5 or 6 out of like 20 that have been okay, and only 2 that I would marry!

(Regina walks on stage)

Regina: That’s one of the reason's I ain’t married honey!!

(Regina eats apple)

Regina: Wait a sec...these were poisonous, right? Aw man…

(falls to the floor)


(She and the dwarves quietly walk off the stage)

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