Snow White

Hi. This is a play that I and my friend Potterhead74 wrote, and I think it's pretty awesome. I'm the evil queen and she's Snow White. Hope you like it!


6. Scene 5

Scene 5: Mirror/ Regina/ James/ Caspero

Regina: Do you have what I asked for?

James: Here is her head

(Hands Regina pumpkin head)

Regina: And her heart?

Caspero: Right here my queen

Regina: Now you are both generals in my army

James: What army?

(Queen looks daringly at james)

James: Just kidding, yeah! Generals in your army!

Regina: Good, now get out of my site!

(James and Caspero leave)

Regina: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the dumbest of them all?

Mirror: I’m looking right at her.

Regina: You’re lucky I don’t have a rock, or else I would crack you. But to the important part, who’s the fairest of them all?

Mirror: Sorry to break it to ya ‘Gina, but she’s alive. Living in the woods with some dwarves.

Regina: What?

Mirror: Yeah, I was surprised that happened too, I mean, dwarves? She’s pretty. She can do a lot better than that!!

Regina(Looking at pumpkin): And I don’t know who you were, but it’s astounding how similar you seem to snow white.

(Regina sings “Mad, bad, and dangerous”)

Regina: Wait, I have a plan that will kill snow white, and this time, it won’t fail!

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