Snow White

Hi. This is a play that I and my friend Potterhead74 wrote, and I think it's pretty awesome. I'm the evil queen and she's Snow White. Hope you like it!


4. Scene 3

Scene 3: Snow/ James/ Caspero    fake knife/ flowers

(James and Caspero walk past Snow white; Snow white looks at James and Caspero and says;)

Snow: Oh, why hello hunters! Will you help me get these flowers, when I reach down to get them I mess up my dress.

Caspero: Sure where are they?

Snow: They’re right there

(points to flowers)

(Caspero gives Snow flowers)

Snow: Why thank you! How could I ever repay you?

Caspero: DIE!!!

James: Finally!! I thought you 2 would never stop talking!!

Snow: No, please don’t kill me!!

Caspero:But if we don’t kill you, the queen will kill us

Snow: Wait, I have a plan!

(They all huddle in and whisper)

James: Do you really think that will work?

Snow: She isn’t that smart!

Caspero: Well, it has to. I’ll get the pumpkin and marker, James, you get the paper, Snow, you go hide

(they all run off stage in different directions)

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