Snow White

Hi. This is a play that I and my friend Potterhead74 wrote, and I think it's pretty awesome. I'm the evil queen and she's Snow White. Hope you like it!


3. Scene 2

Scene 2: Regina/ Mirror/ James/ Caspero    mirror

Regina: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best guard of them all? Because he has to be really great, so he can seal snow white’s fate.

Mirror: You only have 2.

Regina: Hey! Your supposed to rhyme!

Mirror: did it say that in my instruction manual?

Regina: You didn’t have an instruction manual!!!

(They keep arguing)

Caspero: Queen, why don’t you send one guard as your hunter, and the other as his assistant.

Regina: Good idea. Caspero, you’re the hunter. James, you’re the assistant

James:But I’m a better hunter than he is!

Regina(Getting stricter with each word): No buts, your the assistant! Now go kill snow white!

(Regina laughs evilly)

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