Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


14. We Are All Here For You

Carter's POV

I worked on breakfast in my kitchen since Shaun and Dylan are gone for a whole month, I'll be home alone all month. I flipped an egg while dancing around in my black boy-shorts and grey tank top that was low cut though I didn't care since it was just me. I danced around to Sweet Pea, that was playing on the radio. I continued to wash out dishes when I hear Niall's voice, "I'm here!" He hollered from the door. "Kitchen!" I yelled back. I continued to hum and crack eggs into the pan when I felt two arms slither around my waist and blonde fuzzy hair tickling my neck. I slightly turn to see Niall as he rest his head in the crook of my neck while tracing little circles with his thumb on my stomach. My hair was in a messy bun allowing my neck to be completely bare. He placed a soft kiss on it saying, "You smell good." I giggled, "Thanks. Cook eggs, I gotta start on crepes and pancakes." I slid on my thick framed glass and reached for the cookbook on too of the shelf. I jump up and down helplessly before crawling onto the counter and tiptoeing to reach the book. As soon as my hand grabbed it I fell backwards, arms flailing like a flightless bird. I was ready for impact but it was replaced by Niall catching me. I couldn't help but laugh as soon as I looked at him. "Oh, Niall! My hero!" I sarcastically mocked and pretended to swoon. He laughed and replied, "Yes, her majesty mustn't fall to thee doom of the mahogany planks below." "Are you Shakespeare?" I giggled. "Yes." He pecked my lips before putting me upright. "So why are you making so much food?" Niall asked as he pushed the eggs onto a plate. "Your friends said they wanted to come over for breakfast, because you apparently told them I was an amazing cook." I answer while putting the ingredients together for blueberry and strawberry crepes. "Well you are, Dylan's brought me food you've made before." I nod at him and continue to mix ingredients and pouring them into a pan. "So which friends are coming over?"

"Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael. I think that's all." I answer. "Wow. That's gonna be a lot of crepes." Niall exclaimed. "I know." I mumble.

After hours of cooking, we had finished making the food and setting out silverware and plates. I had extra blueberries left over and were throwing them in the air and catching them with my mouth. "Gimme some." Niall said. I poured some in his hand and he began to eat them like a normal human being. "You know," Niall started. The door opened and I heard Luke's voice call, "knock, knock!" "That's not the same as knocking!" I yelled. "Whatever!" They all piled into the kitchen and began fixing plates. Though I didn't eat, I did observe their conversations, mainly about football matches and golf scores. "Carter can beat me at a round." Niall said with a mouthful of bean. "Really? What's the score you won with last tournament? Full round not half." Harry leaned over the table and stared at me. "79." I answered shyly. He raised his eyebrows and smirked, "Impressive." I blushed a little and laid my head on my knee since I had it up in the chair. "She's too quiet for an athlete." Louis said, his lip twitching up into a smirk much like Harry's. Calum and Michael nodded, but Luke and Ashton seemed to look like they were planning something along with Niall. Liam just had his feet propped into Niall's lap and also beamed a mysterious smirk. Zayn was missing, which I just let my mind dismiss since he was probably just going to a toilet or something like that. They all seemed to be planning something. "Game of basketball in the back yard! Now!" Niall announced pulling my hand. I groaned, "You lot haven't even finished breakfast!" "Just come on," Niall giggled. I let Niall drag me onto the cement of the basketball court in my back yard. I quickly put my brunette and red tinted hair into a bum and slid on my KD: Nike basketball trainers and walked out to the athletic shed pulling out a men's basketball. "How should we pick teams?" Calum asked winking in my direction. "Well Tony Hawk is gonna be on my team." Niall slung his arm around my shoulder. "That's not fair!" Liam whined like a puppy. His big brown eyes were pouting. "How about we just shoot for captains?" I suggested. "Fine." It was now Niall's turn to pout.

It narrowed down to Michael and I being captains. Niall was on Michael's team while I was with Liam, Louis, Luke, and Calum; Michael, Zayn, Harry, and Ashton on Niall's team. Of course, my team was winning. Niall had gotten a little too cocky through the game until he was winded. I was shooting here and there around the three-point-line. It was the final minute when I was running with the ball and Niall got up on me, "Watch it, Horan. You don't want to break your ankles from my dribbling." I giggled. He chuckled and wiped a line of sweat from his brow, "I'm not scared of you Little Jordan." I faked a three and ran in for a layup before faking and throwing the ball to Luke and he shot a block shot. "That was a foul." Ashton whined. I laughed, "Sure." He cracked a smile before continuing with the game. I had stolen the ball from Michael again and started down the baseline. Niall, in one swift motion, hooked his arm around me, causing me to squeal as he took me to the ground. Reluctantly I was able to chuck the ball to Louis and him to make the winning basket. I giggled wildly while Niall had been strewn over me. "N-Niall! You fat-ass! Get off me!" I said playfully. "You're a good cushion." Niall mumbled in my ear before swiftly running his hands over my chest and squeezing my breasts playfully. I gasped, "Cheeky bastard." I was scowling playfully when I noticed the others walking into the house. I checked the time, 2:53. Wow. I followed the boys and saw them all shirts off wiping sweat from their faces. Niall sat beside me on the couch where I had picked up a book to flip through to pass time. He laid his head on my cheek purposely wiping sweat on me. "You're sweaty, Ni!" I squeal and throw a pillow at him, hit him in the face. "Ugh, I'm going to clean up now." I wink at him and he bites his lower lip making me giggle. I stomp upstairs into my bathroom to wash my face and change into a pair of baggy SWS sweats and a loose t-shirt. I walked into my bedroom and was startled to see Zayn sitting at my desk with my several sketch books. "Oh- sorry. I didn't mean to snoop, I just kind of... Wandered off." He blushed and stood. "It's okay." I smile reassuringly and pick up a sketchbook. "You're really good." He mumbled, peering over me. At that moment it was a shaded sketch of a whitetail deer staring with big eyes. "I like the way you shade in a reflection of a city in the eyes." Zayn says pointing to the tall buildings in the eyes. "What's it mean?" I struggled to find the the words for the explanation before saying, "It kinda... Kind of shows how I feel as an outcast in society. Like a wild deer in a big city. I'm unfamiliar with the outside world." I was embarrassed slightly, but it was true. I have never felt like the type that fit in well. No, Never did fit in. "Well you're awesome to us. We think you're amazing. You're not an outcast to us. It beautiful, but you don't have to worry. We are all here for you, Carter." Zayn said. "You're a true artist, Carter. You have talent." Zayn pat my should.

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