Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


10. His

Carter's POV

I woke the next morning and rolled over to look at the clock that was blaring Game Over by Falling In Reverse. I giggle happily for some reason and hit it. I sit up straight and begin walking. I groan from the soreness that spreads from my core through the rest of my body, and I remember what happened last night. I feel heat rising to my cheeks. I straighten my hair and out on my normal makeup, which usually consists of foundation, mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. I danced around my room for about two minutes to get in my ripped, black skinny jeans. I pulled the Sleeping With Sirens shirt on and my billions of bracelets on. I looked in the mirror and notice the little white mound in my floor. I picked it up and saw the Crazy Mofos print on it; still smells like him. I kick up my board and stomp downstairs. "Someone's in a good mood." Shaun chuckles. "Okay, what drug are you on?" Asked Dylan. I roll my eyes, "I slept good." NOT. Dylan picked me up and hugged me, making me yelp. "Are you hurt?" He asked. "No... I'm just sore." I answer. "From what?" "I went to the gym last night." Dylan and Shaun look at me, "go to school." They both say. I laugh, "fine! Fine! Don't love on your daughter and sister!" I sarcastically yell. I hug them and jump on my board, "NO SKATING IN THE-" "Sorry!" I kick up the board and walk out the door.

Coach gave me a ride to school today and when I arrived, I saw Niall standing by the door with his sluts. My heart dropped a little though I suspected he just wanted sex. His blue eyes looked in mine for a moment before being broke away. Sky looked at me In disgust and ran her hand up his shirt whispering. Probably saying something about giving him some later. I groaned defeatedly. "Hey," I hear a Cheshire accent. I look up at Kit who is standing at my side now. "H-hey." I blush. "Don't be scared to talk to me." He laughed a little. I say, "sorry, I actually don't talk to many people."

"That's okay. I like how quiet you are." Kit pushes me lightly. I giggle and softly hit his arm. "So," Kit steps in front of me. "It's a Friday... And I was wondering if you'd like to go on a little adventure with me?" I cock my head sideways, "what type of adventure?"

"Oh I don't know..." He holds up two pieces of paper, "Maybe a Sleeping With Sirens concert?" I stare amazed and pick up the tickets to make sure. Sure enough, it says, row: 12 seats: 13B 14B level: ground floor. I say at him as he opens his arms. I hug him, "holy shit! Yes! You're so awesome!" He wraps his arms around me, "Only for an awesome girl."

Niall's POV

I watch Kit hug Carter. I want to punch his face in for some reason. What's wrong with me? Am I jealous? I forget my thoughts when Sky rubs my arm, "I'm in the mood for a little bit of you." She bites her lip. I nod and pull her out to my range rover. Maybe she'll get my mind off things.

Carter's POV

Kit drove us to the concert and it was so effing amazing! Kellin waved at me and OHMYGOD I think I'm going to die. Kit is so sweet. After the concert, he took me to Dairy Queen and we ate ice cream while obsessing over the concert. I was mostly the one obsessing over it while he just nodded and listened. "You're beautiful." He said out of the blue. "You too- I mean- you're hot- I mean handsome-... I'll shut up." I stutter and word vomit. Kit laughs and bites his lip, "Quit being cute." He leans over the table and flicks ice cream on my nose. I squealed, "Kit!" "Here, lemme get that." He kissed my nose and then my lips. He tasted like mint and the ice cream. His lips were smooth in motion and skilled. I rolled onto his lap while he kissed me softly. My phone rang, making us both jump then giggle. I looked at the screen. "When you gonna be back?;) -Niall" I roll my eyes. "What's wrong?" Kit asked. "Nothing. Just Niall being an asshole." I answer. He nods. "What's this?" He pokes a tender spot on my neck. I remember the lovebites Niall had cause. I blush, "nothing." He just nods. "Come on. We better get back before the sun comes back up." He chuckles. I nod and follow him back out to his little car.

He dropped my off at my house with a kiss goodbye. "See you Monday." He waves. "See you." I wave. I open the door and as soon as I hit the floor I squeal and jump around. "Hey, it's like 2 A.M. could you be a little quieter." Mumbled Dylan. I nod. "How was the concert?-" "Fucking amazing!" "Language." "English." Dylan rolls his eyes. "Go to bed." I nod and jog upstairs. When I make it up there, my phone rings again. "Baby, I saw you. Now come out to the balcony. -Niall" I roll my eyes again and step onto the cement floor of my balcony. Right then, I was slammed up against the door. Niall's lips attack mine. I push him away, "get off." "Why? You sure liked it last night." He pushed my wrists against the wall. I yelped, "Niall, you're hurting me." He kissed me roughly. He touched my neck over the hickeys, "you know these?" They trailed down passed my collar bone and in between my breasts. "Those show what I did to you. Those little purple marks show you're Mine." I started to breath heavily. Niall smirked and laughed a little, "you don't really like him, do you?" I shuddered at his breath on my neck. "Please, Niall." It barely came out a whisper. Niall kissed my lips roughly before letting my hands free. He but his lip and turned around to the balcony. he jumped over the railing and climbed his way down. I closed the balcony door and sat on my bed, breathing heavily. His...

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