Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


23. Help

Carter's POV

I strummed the beat on my guitar and hummed the song quietly to myself as Niall flipped a guitar pick in his hand. I then playfully began to sing the first line- "Oh misty eye of the mountain!" I then began to laugh a little but held my wound as the pain shot through it. Niall smiled up at me with a raised eyebrow, "Was that I See Fire by Ed Sheeran?" I nodded. The pain subsided and I continued to strum as crickets buzzed along with us out on the balcony. "You know, it's only 10:00 and your brother and dad are asleep." Niall winked. I giggled softly, "Niall, I'm in too much pain right now." "For board games? What did you think I was talking about?" Niall claimed. I shook my head, "Babe, I know you were talking about sex." Niall looked at me astonished, "Why I would never." "Niall, don't even start that." I giggle. He stands and makes his way to my chair and kisses my lips softly, "I love you, Car." He softly bites my lip when he pulls away. "I love you too, Ni." He then carefully picks me up and lies my thin figure into the bed. I wince in pain when I turn over on my wound and Niall hurries to help me in any way, "Are you okay, Princess?" I nod. I then tug softly on his shirt, "Lay with me?" I ask. He smiles and nods, pulling of his shirt and shorts so he's just in his boxers. He rolls onto the queen sized bed, and I turn my body so I'm facing him. He kisses my forehead and pulls me close, but I flinch away because of the burning pain of the stitched wound. "This is hell." Niall whines. "What do you mean?" "I mean that I can't hold my girlfriend because she's in so much pain." I smile softly, "It's not that bad." Niall cupped my cheek in his large hand before attaching his lips to mine. "Goodnight." He whispered when he pulled away.


I woke to my alarm clock, warning us that it was time for school; it was our first day back after the incidents. When I woke, Niall was up and throwing on a sweater and jeans. "It's cold today." He mumbled. I nodded and held my arms out for help. He gently helped me onto the office chair and assisted me in putting on my jeans since I was struggling. "How do you get these on?" Niall giggled at my black, ripped skinny jeans. "You should see my other pairs." I answer. I threw on a Pierce The Veil hoodie over my plain white v-neck. I just threw my hair into a messy bun and pulled myself to the bathroom to brush my teeth and put on a bit on makeup. "I don't see why you wear that shit." Niall said from behind me. "I don't want to look like a dead cow, Ni." I laughed. "Whatever, you're perfect without it." His words were muffled as he kissed my cheek, "ew, that one was wet." I giggled and wipe the spit from my cheek. Niall glares playfully, "C'mon, we can't miss prison today. I hope you caught up on all the work, goodie-two-shoes." He winked knowing I always had my work on time. "At least I'm not failing, Mr. Getting-A-Football-Scholarship." "Whatever, I'm

going to be a performer." Niall snobbed playfully. "I know you are." I chuckle as he carries me to his car and sits me in it carefully before putting the wheelchair in the back.

I tensed up as I wheeled myself down the crowded halls where people glared and worst of all sympathetically looked at me. I hated when people felt bad for me. "So do you know what happened to Kit?" I mumbled up to Niall. "He's being held at the jail right now. I'm sorry but, we might have to go to court for it." Niall answered lowly. I half nodded before wheeling into our first class. "Ha, look she's crippled now." Sky called out. I didn't really pay attention to her since my mind was still on the court issue. I did want to press charges on that asshole. I wanted to make sure he was in a penitentiary or better yet, an insane asylum. I laid the homework on the teacher's desk and wheeled to the seat in the back by Niall. "How many people do you think know about the accident?" I whispered to Niall. "Enough. It was on the news last night, but I think it'll be okay. If anyone gives you shit about it, I'll make them shit." He answered through his hand. I laughed softly, "Sure." Niall turned to me, "You don't think I can?" His mouth was curled into an amused smile. "Mr. Horan!" Mrs. Pattonson called. Niall peered up, "Yes ma'am?" He was polite, knowing he was in wrong. "Since you and Carter are having such a serious conversation in the middle of my class, why don't you share?" She smirked. I knew Niall would think of something sarcastic or relevant. "We were just discussing... Einstein's theory of relativity. " Niall said smoothly. I kicked him softly; this was literature, not science. Mrs. Pattonson knew that she had caught Niall's lie when she said, "Ah, yes. And should you explain this theory to the class?" Niall was flushed in the cheeks, "Well the theory has to do with, motion and- and... Gravity." Mrs. Pattonson smirked. "What he means," I begin. "Is that two objects exert a force of attraction on one another known as, you know, gravity, even while the center of the Earth is pulling you toward it, keeping you firmly lodged on the ground, your center of mass is pulling back at the Earth." The teacher smiled, "I'm impressed." "Nerd," I heard one of Kit's friends cough, and I glared at him. "Anyways, as I was saying, poetic formation..." Our literature teacher continued. I sighed in relief, and Niall leaned towards me, "Thanks, babe." He whispered. "Welcome." I mouthed and squeezed his hand under the table.

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