Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


3. Golf

Carter sat on her balcony with her feet propped up and a guitar in hand. She strummed a strong pattern while writing in a little notebook. I made it not obvious by kicking the football around with the neighbour's son, Hayden. He was 12 and a bit cocky. He kicked the ball to be as I did a few tricks then kicked it back to him. He tried to mimic me but failed. I took a glance up to Carter as she bent down to pick her cat off the balcony floor. Damn that ass. Suddenly I saw the ball out of my peripheral vision and barely blocked it with my arm. Hayden laughed. "Are you starin' at Jackson?" He asked with a little smirk when he mentioned her last name. I rolled my eyes. "C'mon. She's got a hot body." Said Hayden. I couldn't help but laugh, "you're too young for her." He buffed up, "Whatever man! I'm better lookin' than you." "Yeah call her when you learn how to wear a hat right." I knocked the SnapBack that barely lay atop his head off with my hand. He scowled at me. "Hayden! Honey, it's dinner." Mrs. Wallace peeked through the door and waved nicely to me. I smile and wave back, "Hi Niall!" She called. "Hey, Mrs. Wallace!" She pulled Hayden in and I sat on the concrete of the driveway and began texting Sky. She was a slut but would give me what I want. Suddenly, Carter's older brother began walking towards me. I took a glimpse up to her balcony and luckily she wasn't there. I click off the iPhone and slide it into my pocket as he sits by me. "Hey," I said. "Heyo. Can you do me a favour?" He asked. I nodded and looked at him. His dark brown hair was in a mess like he'd just woke up. I've known him forever, and he's a good friend though his sister hates me. "Depends on the favour." I laugh and elbow him. He laughs, "Well... It involves Carter." I nodded and his the inner smile that threatened to spread onto my face. "I need you to drive her to the country club tomorrow... She said she Has to practice tomorrow." Dylan said. "Sure thing. What time?" "10:00. Shane and I won't be home all weekend." I nod. "See you later. Thanks loads." I wave to Dylan while walking back. I smirked at the thought of being with her all weekend. Hopefully.

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