Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


25. Go

Carter's POV

"Oh my god, Car! Please turn off that music!" Shane complained. I groaned and shut off my playlist connected to my iPod. "What? You don't like Bulls in the Bronx?" I laughed. Shane rolled his eyes and pretended to fangirl, "Oh my gosh! Vic Fuentes and his long hair! Ugh he's so irresistible! And who's the kid you are completely in love with? Kellin Quinn? Oh he's so HOT! Kellin marry me!" While his whole sarcastic moment was going on, Niall was standing in the doorway, "Sir? Are you sane?" Niall asked with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, Niall, and call me Shane. I'm just laughing at how your girlfriend is in love with Kellin Quim and Vic Fantus." He said their names completely wrong. "Shane!" I whined. "She better not be falling for any other guys than me." Niall exclaimed while bending down to kiss my cheek. Though I was still in a wheelchair, I felt I was able to walk fine. The injury was in my stomach, not my legs. "What do you think, Carter?" Shane said, knocking my mind off my train of thought. "Hmm?" I asked. He chuckled, "Do you want to go with Niall?" I nodded. Niall laughed softly, "Thank you, Shane." Shane nodded. "Don't do anything stupid." Niall and I both laughed.


"How are you?" Niall asked as he ran his hand up my stomach over the bandages. "Amazing." I mumbled and kissed him softly on his lips while his hands traveled up to my face where he lightly twirled my hair through his fingers. When I moved in for more, Niall pulled away with a concerned look. "Be honest." He rubbed his fingers over my wrists causing heat to race to my cheeks. I pulled my arms back and smile it off.

"Those don't matter," I say ignoring the new cuts on my arms. I kiss him again, but once again he denies me to continue, frustrating me.

"They do, Carter. Now be honest with me. How are you?" This time Niall's voice was more stern but in a concerned manner.

I sighed in defeat, "I'm tired, Niall." The words came out more pieced together than I think Niall expected. It felt like my heart was going to explode as I watched his expression become saddened as if his lips drooped into an emotion of depression. "Please don't say that." His voice cracked. "I love you." I said.

"Then don't leave me." Niall whispered. "Okay." I answer back.

He smiles and locks lips with me once again. Niall lets me settle into the mattress and tugs on my shorts. When he finally shimmied them down he laughed.

"Really?" He asked.


"Smiley face lace panties? Classy."

I hit his chest, "They're cute! Don't judge my style in underwear." Niall rolled his eyes. "C'mon, Horan you know you love them." I grab at the hem of his shirt. "And I love you as well." Niall says and kissed me softly as we get carried away in our time together.


"Carter," Niall shook me awake while whispering. I woke hazily, "wha-" he covered my mouth with his hand. "We gotta go." Niall helped my pull his large hoodie on me and pull my leggings on along with a pair of vans. "Can you walk?" He whispered. I nodded barely even stumbling down the hallway hearing clattering around. Niall quickly yanked me to a hallway window where he very quietly unlocked it and pushed it up. I peered around the dark hallway full of Niall's football trophies, some had fallen to the ground, and broken picture frames that had fallen and were crooked. Thoughts began to register as I saw a shadow farther down the hallway, like a ghost sneaking up on us. Niall grabbed my arm and helped me out the window where I sat in the flower bed trying to breathe evenly. Niall skillfully pulled hisself through the window before pulling me to my feet. "Go." He pointed down the street. I nodded and tried my best to jog along his side up the steep hill. "What's... Going on..." I asked trying to speak along with breaths. "There were men in the house with knives and other weapons." Niall answered. He pulled the both of us to the side of a house a block away. "Where's Dylan and Shane?" I asked. "They're okay." Was all Niall said. "Well, well." A familiar voice called from behind Niall. I looked up, and chills ran down my spine; it felt like the air in my lungs had been sucked out. Niall then hides me behind him, but I push past him. "Isaac..."

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