Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


13. fighting hard

Niall's POV

I watched as she still walked into the school with him. More and more he seemed like some evil serpent that's threatening to hurt her. My eyes bleed through them as he turns to my direction and gives an evil smirk. That's it, I fucking hate Kit. I looked down at my phone to see a text from Carter: I will be careful. Need to talk to u later.

I smiled softly, knowing she was listening to me. I then got up from my spot on the bench and made my way into the large school building. Sky immediately latched onto my arm, "hey, Sky." I mumble. She pulls off my arm, "Why don't we go find a bang spot?" She bites her lip. "No, I'm not in the mood." I smile softly though I was a bit annoyed. "Wow, you sound like a bitch. You've changed, Horan." She clicked away in her heels. I watched as Carter parted ways with Kit with a kiss and a smile. I ran to catch up with her and stood beside her, "Hey Tony Hawk." I say flirtatiously. She rolls her eyes with a small smile, but I could still the depressed look behind those sweet eyes. "What's wrong?" I asked. She looked at me and took in a shaky breath, "I need to tell you something. Just... Not here." Carter's eyes were big with concern. I nodded, stunned that she wanted to share something- maybe even a secret- to me. "Meet me at Nando's?" I asked. "No, privately." She said in a low whisper. I nod as she begins to walk away to her next class.

After classes passed by slowly, it was finally lunch. I decided to go get Nando's and bring it back. I bought two meals- one for me and one for Carter. When coming back to school, she was sitting on the bench beside the football field outside the school. Kit was horsing around with some of the guys from the team for the next break hour. I sat beside Carter and handed her the takeout. She looks at me strangely but takes the food anyway. She hands it back to me, "I don't need it. Kit says I need to get thinner." I look at her with wild eyes, "If you get any smaller you'll just be a sac of bones, Carter. Don't listen to that prick. Why are you even with him? He doesn't pay any attention to you and treats you like shi-" "Hey! Horan!" I hear his annoying voice. I groan and stand up, "What do you want?" I snap with anger. I felt bitter around him. "Why are you messing with My chick?" Kit kicks the ball away from himself. "She isn't yours and she's most definitely not just a chick." I spat. "Horan is jealous?" He laughs, making everyone around him join in on the joke. "No, I'm just protecting her from a sorry asshole like you." "You apparently haven't seen yourself."

"It doesn't matter of me."

"Yeah it kinda does since you're talking to her."

Carter stood up and defended, "I can talk to Niall whenever I want!"

"Stay out of this." Kit pushed her away; that made me snap. I charged towards him and took him to the ground. He punched me in the jaw while I jabbed my elbow into his stomach. I had him against the ground, punching his face in until he was battered blue and bloody, but I still didn't stop. The adrenalin was coursing through me in quick doses making me scream with every punch. Suddenly a voice came back to me telling me to stop; Carter. "Niall! Please stop! He's had enough! He's had enough!" She pulls at my shoulder roughly. I finally grasp the urge to fall away from the barely conscious asshole that lay on the grass in front of me. I didn't realise how badly I had injured him or how badly I was injured. My nose was bloody and my lip was split. My rib ached from a punch, but brushed it off as soon as Coach Tanner and Professor Wilkins came jogging over. "What happened here?" Coach asked Carter. I didn't realise she was in tears trying to calm herself. "You!" Wilkins pointed his sausage finger at Carter. "This was all you wasn't it? I tell you-" "It was me." I yelled. "I hit him." I said with a tint of pride. "I can't believe you would do that to poor Kit!" Yelled the professor. "He deserved it." Growled Carter. "You two, in my office. Now!" Tanner pats her arm telling her everything was okay. The whole time, I felt pure hatred coursing through me.

Carter's POV

I tapped my foot violently while I waited for Niall to appear out of the Principal's office. It wasn't his fault I felt. My heart pounded so hard I felt it in my head. The knob clicked, making me jump up out of the seat. He came out with an almost annoyed face. His mouth was pursed into a straight line and his eyebrows furrowed. "What'd he say?" I asked a little too quickly. "Suspended. Two weeks." He said cooly. I nodded, "Me too." Niall looked shocked. "Why did you get in trouble?" I shrugged, "Don't know."

"Why didn't Kit get in trouble?"

I answered, "Wilkins is his uncle. He's able to get away with anything. That's why he's acing all his classes." Niall nodded. "C'mon." He slung his arm around me as we walked out to his Range Rover.

Niall's POV

I led Carter inside my flat where the cat greeted us at the door. Carter scooped him off the ground and rubbed behind his ear. We pounded up the stairs and I sat on the bed. She stared at me before saying, "I'll be right back." She scurried off to the hall and arrived back with tissue and medicine. Carter seemed to contemplate how to sit before I scooted farther onto the bed leaving my lap open. She sat with legs on either side of my body. She sat lightly on my hips while tilting my head up. "Lemme see." She mumbled. I tilted my head up allowing her to wipe some dry blood that had dripped before looking at my now forming black eye. My nose was swollen and purple and blood-dried. Carter touched my eye softly making me flinch. She laughed awkwardly, "Sorry." "It's okay." I answer with a weak smile. "Damn," she mumbled under her breath, making me laugh at her. "What?" She innocently looked at me. "You're just... Cute." She stared at my mouth and wiped the split with her finger before putting medicine on it. She then smiled and said, "You must fight harder than you fuck." I chuckled and held her hand against my cheek, "I guess that's something I need to work on, huh?" She smiled awkwardly and looked away. Her sleeve tugged up revealing cuts; some were older and scarring, but some were bright red like they were just cut. My heart sank and my face felt hot, and my breathing picked up. "Carter." I said, my voice breaking a little. She looked at me while I had a grip on her arm and pushing the sleeve up. "That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about." She said in a whisper. Carter seemed scared of the subject. I hadn't noticed it. "Carter, how long has this been going on?" I said in a frantic way.

"Since I was eleven." She answered. "Is that all?"


Carter pulled her shirt off carefully to show all the white and pink and red lines that were random all over her arms, stomach, and back. My breathing was uneven as she continued to take off her leggings to show even more scars and cuts up and down her legs. I felt the urge to cry, but it immediately went away when I saw the tear slip down her face. I stood and held her face so she peered up at me. "Why?" "Because..." She wiped a few tears away, "because I knew I deserved it." I could tell she was trying to hide that she was uneasy about how she looked and how her emotions were at the moment. "You don't deserve this. You should never deserve anything like this. Carter, you're beautiful. The most beautiful girl I've seen. Not just your body or face, but your mind. The way you think the way you have this biggest heart. The way..." I inhaled sharply, "… The way you're able to forgive me for all the pain I've cause you. I'm so sorry, Carter." I whispered the last sentence. She looked down and pushed her body into mine while I engulfed her into a hug. I then, pushed her face up to meet mine and I let my lips attach to hers softly. "You don't have to do it anymore. You're here with me now." I lain on the bed with her while I stroked her hair until she fell asleep and whispered, "you're here with me now." Repeatedly.

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