Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


27. Do What I Say

*two years earlier*

Carter's POV

"I love you." Mumbled Isaac up against my the pillow. "I-" I begin to speak but stop. I didn't feel like I loved him. I just smiled and nodded, but Isaac grabs me by my waist and holds my legs on either side of him. He began to grab my my face for me to kiss him, yet I jerked away, "Isaac, please-" His face turns to a nasty smile, "C'mon sweetheart. It won't hurt bad." I shake my head and attempt to leave his lap. "Carter." He snapped, "You'll do what I say." Isaac held me against him, and I took it all; all of the abuse he caused. He took things I can never get back

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