Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


6. Can He Do This?

Carter's POV

I walk into school awkwardly as all the preps stared me down. I wore my golf tournament clothes and a set of clubs across my back. Everyone snickered as I passed by awkwardly and sat my clubs in the coach's office. As I was walking out I slammed into someone. I yelp and hit the floor. I see the hand stretched out in front of me and follow it up to the owner, and my heart beat quickens. His brunette hair was styled up in a quiff, and his smile was sweet. "Oh, I- I uh... Sorry, Kit" I say awkwardly. He smiles softly, "Its okay. I wasn't watching where I was going." Kit laughs lightly. I've had a crush on Kit since the seventh grade and I find him just absolutely awesome. I feel my cheeks go hot and feel like I'm about to barf. "Carter?" He asks. I snap my eyes back up to him, "are you going to get up?" He laughs. I blush more and take his hand to hoist myself up. "Sorry..." I say with an awkward laugh. I notice the blond boy leaning against the lockers behind him. "Anyway, I'll see you later?" He smiles and pats my arm. "Y-yeah. See you." I stumble over my words. He just laughs and continues down the hall. I sigh happily at the thought of Kit talking to me. "So," I hear that one accent. I snap out of my daze and scowl at Niall. "You like Kit?" He smirks. "What's it matter to you?" I snap. "Nothing... I was just wondering..." He says. "I could probably help you get Kit." I roll my eyes, "shut up." I growl and storm off.

• • •

I stood at the last hole at my golf tournament and hit the ball. It lands on the green and I smirk to myself. EIGHT IRON ALWAYS WORKS. I remember the words I told Niall when I hit on this hole just three days ago. The ball lands right on the edge of the hole.

I win the tournament with a score of 41. I take the trophy with pride as the other teams clap and congratulate me. I notice Kit among the crowd clapping since he did work at the country club. I blush and draw my attention to the score card in my hand. "You're pretty good." I hear his voice. I blush, "y-yeah I practice a lot."

"I saw you out her with Horan a few days back." Says Kit. I blush, "oh, well yeah. My brother kind of forced me to go with him."

He nodded, "Well I'm glad you aren't dating him..." He looks around and leans in, "he's a bit of a prick." I laugh and nod, "I know. That's why I nearly killed him out here three days ago." He smiled. "Well congrats. Now I gotta get back to work so my dad doesn't murder me with a putter." Winks Kit. I nod and grab my clubs. I put them on my back and start down the road on my skateboard. I hear that voice again, "you know, that's not very safe." I groan, "are you Stalking me now?" Niall just laughs, "hop in. I'll take you home." I would've refused, but my legs already hurt too much from walking around for seven hours on the golf course, but I let in. I threw the clubs into the back of his range rover and sat in the front with him and my skateboard. I begin tightening the wheels on it, "you ride that quite a bit." Says Niall. I nod, not wanting conversation. I look at my phone and see I have three texts, all from my brother saying him and Shaun weren't home. I sigh and lay my head against the window. "What's wrong?" Asks Niall sounding concerned. "Nothing." I mumble. "Don't tell me that." He says sternly. "Seriously, it's nothing." He says, "it's something if you sighed like that." I look at him as he steal glimpses at me, "you don't have to hide anything. I'll be here. I'm not going to laugh at you." He says sincerely. "I'm just going to be alone again tonight." I answer with red cheeks. "You can hang out with me." Niall offers. I laugh, "Why would you want to hang out with someone like ME." He stops at a stop sign, "Because you aren't that bad." I laugh, "sure."

"Come on, please?" Pouts Niall. I sigh, "fine." He cheers.

I walk into his house for the first time. Even though he's friends with my brother, I've never been to his house. It smells sweet like vanilla in the place. The house is really nice with white tile flooring and marble countertops. A cat saunters into the living I area where we stood. "That's Jess. He's cool." Says Niall. I nod and sneeze. I hate my sneeze because it's like a little baby sneeze. Niall chuckles, "you okay?" I nod. "Yeah, uh... I've just got real bad allergies that's all. He nods. He begins to show me around. "This is my favorite place, the kitchen." I laugh at that. "Want anything to eat?" Asks Niall. I shake my head no. "I'm going to make a popcorn just in case you get a little hungry later." Niall's a lot sweeter when he's not trying to be an asshole.

"Film?" He asks and holds up a stack of DVDs. I nod, "sure." He pops in Jennifer's Body and sits beside me. As the movie progresses, a few sexual scenes begin to progress. I shift awkwardly as he moves his hand, that's wrapped around my shoulder, across my back. Niall runs his fingers across my shirt and passed the collar. He traces his fingers across my neck, and I don't stop him. I don't know what's wrong with me. I just sit still and let his hands explore my bare skin. He pulls me onto his lap with my legs on either side of his. "Damn," he mumbles while tracing my collarbone. I breath in sharply at his touch and words, "what?" "You're so... Defined..." He struggled to find the right word. I close my eyes and let him continue his journey. His hand found it's way to my chest, "Let me ask you something, Carter." He whispers, his lips dangerously close to my neck. "Do you think Kit could touch you like this?" He squeezes my breasts harshly. I gasp and push myself off of him as he smirks, "what?"

"I need to- uh go..." I blush with embarrassment and walk quickly to the door, "Carter-" I slam the door behind me and run across the street to my house. I collapse into my bed and begin to breathe unsteadily. I was an idiot to hang out with him.

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