Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


9. But I'm Keeping These

Carter's POV

I stumble across the weights that lay In the middle if the floor and flip the switch that turns on all the lights in the school weight room. I didn't tell anyone that I work out in the gym after hours. Coach Tanner lets me in so I can privately work out when it's dark out. The only person there in the janitor who had just finished cleaning the boys locker room. Gross. I pulled my messy dark hair into a equally messy bun in the top of my head. I yank off my jacket so I'm just in compression shorts that are very tight against my bum and my white sports bra. I put my earbuds in and holster my phone into holder wrapped around my arm. I tie my nike shoes and begin stretching. I put a 45 pound weight bar on the safety hooks and load it with two 45s on and safety clips. I put the bar on my shoulders and begin squatting. Suddenly, I hear a slam of the door and drop bar onto its safety catches, making a loud clank. I was scared, and my mind was telling me hide, hide, hide. I drop my phone and sprint to the boys' locker room to hide in the showers.

Niall's POV

"Yeah, ok... I'll be home in a bit, I think I just forgot my jacket in the locker room. Okay, love you too. Bye." I begin to walk into the weight room and hear a loud clank. I quiet down and walk lightly on my feet into the room. A blue athletic bag with the nike swoosh on the side of it lie in the middle of the floor. "Hello?" I yell. No answer. "I'm not a robber don't worry!" I chuckle. I see one of the weight lifting sets out of place with 135 pounds on it. I look at the locker room door and make my way towards it. I peer through the door as see no one. "Hellooooo?" I stretch the 'o' out. I begin to walk towards the shower and notice a phone on the ground playing Pierce The Veil. I smirk, "Carter, you can come out. It's just me." She steps out from behind a few lockers blushing brightly. I chuckle, "what're you doing?" She rolls her eyes, "what does it look like?"

"It looks like you're snooping in the boys' locker room. Surely you aren't doing anything... Naughty..." She growls, "Ew, gross! Niall! That's disgusting!" I roar with laughter and finally look at her properly. I didn't realise I had walked towards her, and now I was right in front of her. She wore a white sports bra showing off that she does have abs but not too large of abs; just perfect. Then I notice she's wearing tight compression shorts that are black, showing off her ass. I smile, "you look... Hot." I growl sexily. She shivers as I touch her jawline. I run my other hand over her sides and down the curve to the waist band of her shorts. My hand covered her whole cheek as she put her little one on top of mine. She closed her eyes and I begin to rub my hand down her arse. "You have big tits too." I murmur into her ear. She inhales sharply, "you're so rude." She barely even mumbles. "It's supposed to be a compliment, baby." I lightly bite her ear. I move my hand that was on her cheek to her chest and squeeze her. She yelps lightly, and I chuckle at her reaction. Carter's hands are on my back, so I pull her closer so she is forced up against me hand. One hand was on her ass and the other slipping under her bra. Carter bites her lip, "Stop," her words are breathy. "You don't want me to. I can tell." I moan. I grab her crotch, forcing a gasp out of her. "Niall, I came to work out." She whimpers. I grab her chin and push her face so she's looking up at me. I softly put my lips on hers, kissing her soft lips. The kiss was long before I pulled away for moment. She peers up at me, biting her lip to keep from smiling. I push my lips back on hers harder this time, and she opens her mouth so my tongue can enter. Her tongue fights back skilfully. I moan against her mouth sending vibrations. She slid her hand over my manhood while I rubbed her heat softly through the fabric. "Why don't we do a little workout of our own?" I say with a wink as I pull away. "And damn you're fucking good at kissing." I attach my mouth to her neck. She yanks her head away softly and smirks at me, "Sorry, I'm going now." She begins to walk towards the door, purposely strutting her body. I narrow my eyes; my boner aches for attention and she just walked away. She was being a tease. I grab her by the wrist and throw her against the cement wall; I push her up against it causing her to breathe heavily. "Why leave so early, baby? No one will catch us." I attack her neck with love bites as she moaned softly against my shoulder. I rub her tits hard. She gasps. I take off her bra, letting her breasts spill out. "Fuck, you have nice tits." I knead them roughly. She moans a little louder this time. She bucks her hips forward and yanks my shirt off my body. "Someone's eager." I smirk. She just moans in response and runs her hands smoothly up and down my chest. I keep rubbing her boobs while she kissed my neck sloppily. Carter but my neck lightly and sucked on the spot causing a hickey. "Fucking hell," I moan. "You're really good with your mouth." She licks my neck while she kisses it making me shiver.

Carter then pushes herself off the wall and gets on her knees, "I can do a lot more with it too." She winks and starts to pull down my shorts and boxers at the same time, letting my cock spring free. She gasps and stares amazed at it. I chuckle lightly, "What?" "You're huge." She strokes it lightly in awe. "Now I see why every girl wants you between their legs."

Carter wipes the precum off with her finger and licks it, sucking on it while making eye contact. She slowly licks my tip. Then, she takes me in her mouth and slowly bobs her head. She then starts to deep throat me, making my whole dick go down her throat. I moan loudly and start to push her head faster on my dick. As soon as I'm about to cum, she pulls me out of her mouth and stands up. "I lied." I say, "you're amazing with your mouth. I begin to take off her shorts to see she's wearing red, lace boy shorts that can't even cover her whole bum. "You've got the best ass I've seen." I say. "And you've got the biggest cock I've seen." She answers.

I attack her lips while rubbing her clit in little circles. She gasps when I show two fingers in her, "Fu-uck" her words separate with each thrust of my fingers. "Nia-ll... Fuck me..." She moans loudly. "Is that as loud as you can be?" I growl, "No ones going to hear you if you don't scream." I ram myself into her, making her scream my name. "Don't stop!" She whines. I thrust harder, "you're so tight, Carter." I suck on her nipples hard. "Ni... I'm about to cum." She says breathlessly. She cums all over me and I pull out. She began rubbing my cock in fast motions making me release into her chest. "That was nice." Carter says through separated pants. "Carter?" We both hear Coach Tanner's voice. Her eyes widen. "Shit," she whispers. I threw her bra and shorts at her. She slipped the clothes on with ease and fixed her hair. "I'll go get dressed in the shower, you get out there." I whisper to her. She nods and starts to sprint out the door, but first I grab her hand and kiss her lightly. "Bye, Niall." She blushes and walks calmly out the door. I smile and begin to get dressed.

Carter's POV

I walked calmly out, making sure I have no evidence left on me. Coach Tanner looks at me strange. Is it because I'm sweaty? No, I have to be sweaty if I was working out. "Why were you in there?" He asks. "I had to pee really bad, so I used the stalls in there." I answer smoothly. Then I realised, I forgot to put my underwear back on. Dammit. Tanner nods, "all right. Now you better leave, it's about midnight now. You have class in the morning." He leaves the weight room and goes out to the parking lot. I whip my head around to see Niall peeking out the locker room door. "You can come out now." I giggle. He walks in without his shirt on, "Niall, really?" I ask. That's when I looked down and noticed that I was wearing his shirt. I must've been in such a hurry that I just put on his Crazy Mofos shirt. He chuckles, "you can keep it." I blush and see the little red lace in his hand as he holds up my knicker. Her holds them up like a trophy and says, "but I'm keeping these."

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