Carter is a foster child that never gets along with anyone. She's a loner and has secrets not even her brother knows about her. What happens when the jock, Niall Horan, starts to take a liking for Carter?


15. Attack

Niall's POV

I leaned up against my Range Rover and watched for Carter. I smiled happily to see her riding her skateboard down the road with Hayden. He had a smile on his face as he wobbled on his penny board. I could hear Carter yelling encouraging words like, "There ya go. You're keeping steadier." Hayden had the 2nd biggest crush on her- you know I had the biggest. I sat on the hood of the big vehicle and smiled at the beautiful girl in front of me. She had finally noticed me and hugged Hayden goodbye before making her way over in an old Led Zeppelin hoodie and black skinny jeans that were worn at the knees. Her combat boots had fur on them, since it was middle of October. Her beanie slouched over her ears and she walked looking down at her feet. She smiled at me with pink cheeks from blushing. "You need to stop that." I sigh. She cocked her head like a puppy to a weird sound it's never heard, "Stop what?" I let her stand on her tip toes and lean on the front of the car in-between my legs and hold my hands. "Blushing. It's too adorable." I leaned forward and kissed her on her forehead. She giggled and poked my stomach making me giggle. "What was that for?" I asked. "I just wanted to make sure you weren't a ghost." Carter winked playfully. "Don't worry, I'm here." I slid off the hood and embraced. I said, "Is it bad I missed you?" She looked at me strangely, "Ni, it's been two hours."

"I know. I just love being near you."

"Horan!" I hear her older brother. Carter pushed herself off me and pretended like nothing happened. Dylan strolled across the street and stood in front of Carter, smiling. "What have you both been up to?" Dylan asked with a tension in his voice. "Nothing, Dylan just go home." Carter rolled her eyes. "No, Carter, Shaun needs your help." Why do they never call their father but dad or anything? "Dy-" "Now, Carter." Dylan didn't break eye contact and pointed to his house behind him. Carter nodded and kicked off the skateboard to her flat. Dylan waited for the door to close before turning to me and pointing a long finger on my chest, "I know you like mum sister." He seemed angry under his calm eyes. I stayed silent, afraid to speak. "Just know, that if you hurt her, like all the other girls in school, I will make sure you pay." He growled. "Don't worry, Dylan, I'll never hurt her. She's not a toy." I defend. He nods, "Good. I just don't want it to be like Kit." He gives a half smile and leaves. I watched the door even after he entered. I was stunned. He just threatened me. I sighed and pushed open my door into the house.

Carter's POV

I skated down to the local music store to buy new guitar strings after the encounter wit Niall and Dylan. Niall texted me: "hey beautiful;) I'll meet you at Nando's in 20 xx." I smiled at the text and swerved passed a squirrel. As I pulled into the small music store I kicked up my board and shoved the heavy glass door open. "Hey! Carter!" Yelled the owner. "What's going on, Chris?" I leaned over the counter. "Been slow. Whattya need?" Chris was unloading a box of records. "I need a new pack of strings." I say looking through the stack of records. Chris left and came back with a purple package full of guitar strings. "You really tear up those strings, don't you?" He chuckled. "It'll be 4.79." He took my money and I left on my board. I skated to Nando's, which was a twenty minute ride. When I came up a block away from the large brick building, I pick up my board and begin to walk, my legs feeling like jelly from the bumpy asphalt. I inhaled the crisp air, but it was cut short when a hand gripped my jacket and yanked me back and slam my back onto a wall of the alleyway of two buildings. The breath was knocked out of me and my vision blurry. Finally, a figure of a large person came in focus; they had dark brown hair, a bruise cheek and that terrible smirk. Kit. My eyes widened, and I struggled to release his hard grip on my arm. "Hey babe," he growled holding my face. I jerked away from his grip on my jaw; terrible idea. He became angry and dug his bony fingers into my neck and beginning of my jawline. "Don't you fucking look away from me!" Kit growls. I clenched my fists while his hands ran up and down my sides. "Please-" "Shut up!" Kit stopped my words. Finally I began to break free and thrashed at him. I ended up scratching his face with my nails making him frustrated. He slammed my head up against the brick wall, scraping up my cheek and blood being drawn. He ripped open my shirt letting the cold air hit my chest. I was crying now, "Kit! Please get off me!" I felt my face soaked with a mixture of tears and blood. "You're so hot. You'll enjoy this." He murmured and grabbed me by the crotch, I yelped. I heard a sound of someone talking and screamed for help, but failed as Kit slammed my head against the wall one last hard time making my ears ring as I collapsed to the ground and watched his blurry figure sprint away before everything went black.

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