What Is Love?

Anne Field had a complicated life. Strict mother, lost father. She had nobody to look up to besides her best friend, Harry. Ever since he became famous, things changed and she lost the one person she trusted. What happens when Harry and Anne are reunited? Will their friendship return? Will it turn into something more? What happens when another boy in the group takes a liking to Anne? Anne doesn't know what to do anymore, after all she barely knows what love is...


1. Author Note (Please Read) | Characters

Author Note

Please read. In this author note, I'll be covering the basics of the story that way it makes better sense once I begin writing it. 


• There is and will be error in this story. I will try to proof read all chapters but obviously, everybody makes mistakes so if you feel like pointing them out, go ahead just please don't be rude about it.

• This story will contain strong language, sexual content, drug use and possibly other attributes as it moves along. If you can easily be triggered, I do not recommend this for your safety!

This story is copyrighted under my name, any and all plagiarism of this story and result in punish by law.

• This story in no way affiliates with any characters in this story. All characters are thought of and made up by me. All events are completely fictional. (I know it's obvious but some people still need the reminder.)

• If you wish to use this story, post it in another language, etc. please notify me first.

• I am in no way copying any story, all chapters/prologues/epilogues are completely thought up of by me.

• This will NOT be your classic, cheesy romance. Yes, there may be some parts that are rare to happen in real life but keep in mind this is a fanFICTION. Anything can happen. Do not expect some cheesy romance where the girl and guy fall in love immediately. No relationship is perfect, and any in this story shouldn't break the rule. Same for characters. No person is perfect so why should my characters be an exception?

• I do take criticism, but only in forms of helping me write better. Please be polite about it, and any rude/hurtful comments will be reported.

• Without further notice, let's get into the story...





Indiana Evans > Anne Field

Candice Accola > Hannah Field

Harry Styles > Harry Styles

Niall Horan > Niall Horan

Louis Tomlinson > Louis Tomlinson

Liam Payne > Liam Payne

Zayn Malik > Zayn Malik

Luke Hemmings > Luke Hemmings

Ashton Irwin > Ashton Irwin

Calum Hood > Calum Hood

Michael Clifford > Michael Clifford

Kate Beckinsale > Laura Field

Emily Rudd > Emily Morgan

Nina Dobrev > Emma Bert


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