Prove, You Love Me


1. Mysterious Girl

Isaac's POV-

I walked in to the shower and got undress and turned on the warm water and got shampoo and washed my black hair. I rinsed my hair and got body wash and washed by body and again rinsed it. Once I finished, I got my towel and wrapped my body I got out of the bathroom and walked to my room. My clothes were laying on my bed. I turned around and locked the door behind me. I took off my towel and put on my boxers and then my kaki shorts and blacks shirt. I grabbed my socks and then put on my black converse. I unlocked the door and walked downstairs quietly, I'm pretty sure my mom was asleep already it was 8:30 pm. I grabbed my keys to the house and my car; as well as my phone and an apple. I walked outside and locked the door behind me and walked the steps to my car door. I drove to my girlfriend's house, Joella; she was hosting a party. I parked my car in front of her house. Her parents were gone for 2weeks, they were in Hawaii. I walked in.What? She's my girlfriend I can walk in like that. "Isaac! You made it." Joella saw me, she ran towards me I caught her by the waist and gave her a kiss. "Hey,beautiful." I said. "Hey." She starred at me with a smile. I grabbed her hand and we walked to the living room where everyone was mostly at. "Isaac!" Everyone saw me and gave me a shake in the hand and either said, 'hey!' Or 'what's up!'.

Everyone came up to me, except one girl, just one, she looked extremely pretty just sitting there, she was reading a book from an author that I like, 'John Green'. She was wearing a SWS (sleeping w/ sirens) muscle shirt with black shorts and black toms; she had black hair with red highlights; and wore black mascara and eyeliner.

Once everyone backed up, I sat next to her.

"You like John Green? I do too. I'm Isaac."

She looked up, "What do you want...Isaac?"

"I just wanted to say 'hey,' Is there a problem?"

"The problem is that you have a girlfriend, and you are now coming up to a girl to flirt with her." She replied, I was shock.

"How do you know that?"

"It's obvious." She smirked. "All you want from girls is this..." She grabbed me by the shirt and kissed me, she let go after 5 seconds, " and more." She smirked. "Good Luck." She winked. "Wha-" before I can finish, Joella turned me around and smacked me in the face. Her eyes were red from tears, "How could you?!" "Get out of my house now! And your girlfriend too! NOW!" Everyone turned around in concern. I walked out, the mysterious girl grabbed my hand on the way out. Once the door closed, she turned around and faced me; she kissed me for more than 5 seconds this time; I kissed back.

"What?" I asked. She walked off. I walked to my car and searched through my back pocket and saw a piece a paper rolled in my keys. I read it, it said,

'Text Me- 555-1234 -Nicole'

"Nicole?" I like that name.

I drove home and open the front door. I went upstairs and went to my room, I pulled out my phone and keys and put them on my desk. I threw myself to the bed and fell asleep. I was tired already; it was 10:30pm. I feel asleep with the thought of the mysterious girl, Nicole.

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