SAFE (m.g.c)

She's just a cutter. He's just a band member. But he keeps her safe.

Cassie Sarrex becomes the stylist of her favourite band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and has an instant connection with Michael. She confides in him everything about her past and he vows that he would keep her strong and happy - and safe. They both make mistakes but when he makes the biggest one of his life, how will she stay safe?



"Hello?" I mumbled into my phone, rubbing my bleary eyes. It was eleven in the morning and although it wasn't early, I was angry to be woken up.

"Hello? It's me," my anger disappeared as I heard the speaker's voice. "Did you keep your promise?"

"Yeah," I sighed. "And you need to keep your side or it will have been for nothing. When do I start?"

"I've got everything sorted out for you, I'll email over the details later for you. You start tomorrow. And well done, by the way. Keep it up," and with that, he hung up.

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