SAFE (m.g.c)

She's just a cutter. He's just a band member. But he keeps her safe.

Cassie Sarrex becomes the stylist of her favourite band, 5 Seconds Of Summer, and has an instant connection with Michael. She confides in him everything about her past and he vows that he would keep her strong and happy - and safe. They both make mistakes but when he makes the biggest one of his life, how will she stay safe?



I sat on a table outside, my feet resting on the bench and my earphones blasting out music. I was waiting for Michael to arrive when I saw a pair of feet coming into my line of vision, standing exactly on the piece of grass I was absently staring at. I looked up to see Taylor, smirking in front of me.

"What you listening to? Something depressing no doubt?" She giggled.

"Probably," I sighed, turning away from her to show that I was so not interested.

"Or maybe it's about throwing yourself at other people's boyfriends," she continued in the same smug tone.

"He was not your boyfriend, Taylor," I took an earphone out and swivelled round so that I was facing her. "In fact," I stood up on the bench. "He didn't even like you!" I jumped down and stood to be right in front of her. Our faces were so close that I could feel her breath tickling me.

"Yeah well, whatever makes you seem like less of a skank in your own eyes," she turned around to get back up from the group of people that was rapidly gathering around us. They laughed and a few clapped her.

I saw Michael approaching over her shoulder but I stayed all the same. "What is your problem with me, Taylor?"

"Oh, where should I start?" She pretended to think, stroking her chin and tapping her foot against the ground. "You're a nerd, an emo and you tried to sleep with my man." By this time Michael was right behind my shoulder.

"First of all," I retorted angrily, "he was never 'your man'. And secondly? He told me you were desperate." I drew out the word into its three syllables. For a moment she just looked at me, breathing heavily, but then she went for me.

She grabbed my hair with one hand and my collar with the other and tried to throw me to the ground. I yelped in surprise but soon let one of my hands mirror her's as I took her extensions in my hand, but placed my other hand against get forehead and pushed her off me. I felt some strong hands grasping my shoulder and easing me off her, just as her nails connected with my cheek.

"Let's go," Michael said. I raised my hand to the scratch marks on my cheek and took it away to see blood on my fingers. Tears stung the back of my eye as I let Michael lead me out of the group.

"Leaving so soon? Do you not even want your presents?" Taylor was breathing even more heavily than before. I turned around to see that her hair was tangled and looked like a lion's mane around her head. She fished around in her bag and threw something at me. It landed a couple of meters in front but it skidded across the tarmac of the carpark and hit my shoe. I looked down to see a box of razors. I turned around a chased after Michael.

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