I’ve never fitted in anywhere. I’ve always been an outsider. Ever since I was little; hardly any friends and always stared at like I wasn’t meant to be there. Like I wasn’t good enough for most people. I dress the same as everyone else, wear makeup etc. but I’m just different, and in this society being different is looked down on. Being different shouldn’t be like that, being different should be a good thing. I wasn’t upset that I had to move though, friends come and go, family will always be there.


3. Jake


We got out the car and I went to the boot of the car to get Birdie’s suitcase. It was strange really how little she had brought with her; one large suitcase. That was all she had from her home, plus a lot of inheritance money once the house sale went through. One bag that held all her memories. I couldn’t comprehend it.


Birdie had walked to the front of the car and was saying goodbye to mum and dad, thanking them for letting her stay with me. It was me who had the idea. I have always thought of her as a younger sister so thought that her staying with me would mean I could protect and be there for her when she needs me. I half hoped she thought of me as a big brother as well.


‘Come on then.’ I urged her to finish her goodbyes so we could get inside before the rain started. Birdie waved and followed me into the lobby. We got in the lift in silence and waited to get to the third floor. It felt like an eternity. I broke the silence. ‘Your room isn’t exactly finished yet.’
‘I’m sure it’ll be perfect.’ She replied.
‘I thought we could go shopping tomorrow to get some more stuff for your room.’ I suggested.
‘Honestly Jake it will be perfect.’
‘No. Mum and dad gave me some money to furnish your room, and the boys won’t be back till Thursday anyway so we might as well.’ She sighed as if to give in.
‘Okay. We can go tomorrow, yeah?’ I nodded at her, it would be good to get her out of the house, and I knew she hadn’t been out much since it happened. We arrived at the apartment floor, back in silence, again. I wanted so much to see her face light up as she saw her new home, but I knew it would be a long shot.


I fumbled about in my pocket for the key, I could hear them but had to reshuffle the contents to be able to reach them.
‘Here we go.’ I exclaimed opening the door. ‘Take a look round, I’ll put your stuff in your room ready for when you’re done.

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