I’ve never fitted in anywhere. I’ve always been an outsider. Ever since I was little; hardly any friends and always stared at like I wasn’t meant to be there. Like I wasn’t good enough for most people. I dress the same as everyone else, wear makeup etc. but I’m just different, and in this society being different is looked down on. Being different shouldn’t be like that, being different should be a good thing. I wasn’t upset that I had to move though, friends come and go, family will always be there.


2. Birdie


The car journey was even worse than I expected. Stony silence for an hour solid, I had to end it.
‘So Jake what are your uni friends like?’ Jake turned to me with a look of relief, I think he was glad the silence was over too.
‘Well there’s Zack and he’s a laugh, very lazy and loves to eat. Then there’s Lucas very much a ladies man.’ Jake smiled at the last bit.
‘A ladies man you say. Should I be careful then?’ I asked him. He smirked.
‘You’ll be fine.’
‘Did you just call me ugly!?’ I joked and he started apologising.
‘I’m so sorry I really didn’t mean that at all.’ I laughed at him.
‘You know I was joking, right?’ He sighed, and ran his fingers through his light brown hair, his hazelnut eyes sparkling in the light.
‘You really had me there. You know that!’ He exclaimed pushing me at the same time. I stared out of the window.
‘How long now?’ I asked.
‘Five minutes.’ My aunt called from the front of the car.


I stared out my window. The countryside was well and truly gone. As far as the eye could see was filled with cars; horns were going off every few seconds as well as the sirens that could be heard in the distance. As we continued to drive I started to see apartments towering either sides of the road, they were huge. The car started to slow.


‘Here we are.’ Jake exclaimed. ‘Home sweet home!’

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