I’ve never fitted in anywhere. I’ve always been an outsider. Ever since I was little; hardly any friends and always stared at like I wasn’t meant to be there. Like I wasn’t good enough for most people. I dress the same as everyone else, wear makeup etc. but I’m just different, and in this society being different is looked down on. Being different shouldn’t be like that, being different should be a good thing. I wasn’t upset that I had to move though, friends come and go, family will always be there.


1. Birdie


I looked at my old room for the last time; the pale yellow wallpaper, peeling at the edges and cold wooden floor. I would miss it, it was the only place I’ve ever felt safe. All my fears left outside the door, my own space for me and only me. I sighed turning my back on it and shutting the door. Breathing in I walked down the stairs to familiar faces; my uncle, aunt and cousin.
‘Ready to move to your new home?’ My uncle asked. I looked around for the last time.
‘As ready as I’ll ever be.’ I replied half smiling. The move hadn’t come at the best of times; halfway through the school year, exams coming up, but you can’t predict when tragedy strikes can you?


My mum and I weren’t the closest after dad left, but we kept it together for each other’s sake. I haven’t seen my dad since, and I don’t particularly want to. Around a year after dad left she got ill, I blocked most of it out, I couldn’t stand seeing her so ill and helpless. Once she passed away it was decided I would move away from the quiet countryside to the busy streets of London. Me and my only cousin Jake were very close until my mum got ill, which was why my aunt and uncle said I was allowed to move into his apartment that he shared with two of his uni mates. Jake’s apartment was in western central London, not an inexpensive area at all. However, considering my aunt and uncle live in Kensington it was hardly surprising.


‘Let me get your suitcase for you!’ Jake exclaimed halting the eerie silence that had fallen. I smiled at him, remembering when we were younger.
‘Oh go on then!’ I smiled handing it over to him, he started dragging it across the floor, ever the comedian, making it out to be really heavy. I laughed for the first time in months and Jake punched the air and cheered.
‘See I told you I’d make her laugh!’ He directed this at his dad who was also smiling. ‘Come on then let’s get in the car.’

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