The Kind Of Friends We Used To Be (Sequel to 'How To Get A Boy To Like You')

Liliana Carlarda sure did get the boy of her dreams but everything has changed. Her friend since kindergarten, Carol, left her. Forever. Will Liliana and some of her friends of hers get Carol back or will Liliana and Carol never be friends again?


2. No! Liliana's POV

I kept on calling Carol but it kept on saying that her number was a fake. "Oh please!" I begged to my phone. "I never wanted it to be this way." I sob. "I really didn't." I rolled onto my bed and I start to throw a tantrum. "MY FAMILY REALLY IS RIGHT!!!!!" I scream. "IM A STUPID, SELFISH, UGLY BRAT!!!!" I pick up my pillow and I throw it at my window. It starts to crack. "I DONT CARE!!!" I say kicking the window until it broke. I jump onto my bed. Tomorrow was school and I wouldn't go.~~~ The next day my mom made me go to school. I groan and I put my clothes on and I skipped breakfast. I walked to school sadly. "Hey!" Said a voice. I turn around. James was running to my direction. "You okay?" He asks as he hugs me. "No." I saw in a raspy voice. "I'll help you." And we walk to school. When we arrived I couldn't believe what I saw. Carol hanging out with Tiffany. I walk to Tiffany and I slap her face. "What did you DO?!?!" Tiffany said rubbing her cheek. "Stay away from Carol." I demanded. "No. She's my new friend." She said with a sly smile. I couldn't take it any longer. Without knowing what I was going to do, I kneed her in the private. She screams. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Tiffany said as Carol walked her over to the bathroom. "Who cares?" I said and we walk to class.

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