The Kind Of Friends We Used To Be (Sequel to 'How To Get A Boy To Like You')

Liliana Carlarda sure did get the boy of her dreams but everything has changed. Her friend since kindergarten, Carol, left her. Forever. Will Liliana and some of her friends of hers get Carol back or will Liliana and Carol never be friends again?


1. New Friend Carol's POV

I run into my room and I slam the door shut. I jump onto my bed with tears streaming down my face. "Carol!" My older brother Eric says knocking on the door. "Leave me alone!!!" I scream throwing my pillows at the door. I look at the mirror. I have blood shot eyes from crying and dried up tears on my face. "Liliana is such a stupid person!!" I scream. I pick up my electrical guitar and start to play a random tune. "Why are you so rude? I thought you're a friendly one. Why can't you see that everyone's not perfect. But you pretend you're one." I sing in the tune of one of my favorite songs Toxic. "Why can't you see you're so stupid. I told already that James doesn't love you. But do you listen? No you don't. "We'll now look at you. You're so-" "Honey?" Mom knocks on my door. "You okay?" "Yes mom." I mumble. I hear her walk away so I pick my guitar up again but it got stuck to my dress. I tugged and tugged until my dress tore. I groan. My phone starts to vibrate so I pick it up. It's stupid Liliana texting me. I delete her contact as she keeps texting me for forgiveness. Why would I forgive her. Who should I be friends with? I think to myself as I scroll down in my contacts. "Aha!!!!" I shout out. Tiffany. Liliana's cheer leader captain and worse enemy. Perfect. Just perfect.

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