The divergent games

When the hunger games and divergent are mixed together



Me and Tobias walked up the steps to these podiums. We then got taken away and put on a train to our destination. There was nothing on it apart from me. I shout for Tobias as loud as I could but no reply then, the train started to slow down and another train was connected Tobias was on that train I was so relieved.

I ran up to Tobias and we sat cuddling together but not talking and we stayed like this until the train stopped again.

This time we was in the Capital and we was taken straight to out podiums to start the Games. There was someone counting down from











We was then lifted up into the arena, Tobias made eye contact with me and kept gesturing towards the trees, so as soon as they let us off the podiums I ran for the tree and climbed up it without stopping. I look for Tobias but he is not there and I see him lying on the floor not moving, I can't help but cry, but I can't run over there until everyone moves out the way.

I sit there until dark the something taps me on the shoulder so I turn around and before I get a look on who this person was they was already kissing me.

I didn't know what to think then when they stopped kissing me I saw who it was and I burst into tears again it was Tobias. He told me that he did that so I could get out without being hurt he was my decoy.

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