The divergent games

When the hunger games and divergent are mixed together


1. New chapter

My name is Beatrice, but I've been called Tris ever since I transferred to Dauntless which would have been a year now. The factions were torn when the leaders from Erudite and Dauntless rebelled and everyone became factionless. Everyone used to be afraid of the factionless they used to think that they would be hurt by them but now it is just a way of life. We live where we want when we want and it has been this way since the government broke down around a year ago. At least I have Tobias to help me get through it all and he helps me recover from the lives that I have destroyed. He is everything I could of wanted and he will do anything to protect me that's why I love him.

We have a black and white television in our small apartment but it only ever comes on when there is an important message from the rebuilding government. Suddenly, the television turned on and a white woman started to speak she said " Hello everyone we have found a way of earning more money to get out of the poverty we are in ". Then a man starts to take over on the talking and continues to say " A representative from the outside world came to speak to us today and they have said l they will help us build the economy by playing a game but it will cost a small fee but will boost the economy loads". Then I shout "Four come her quick ". He walks in and says "you know you can call me Tobias " with a smile on his face and sits down besides me I sometimes call him Four without even thinking about it even though it has been a year since we have been in Dauntless it has become a sort of habit then we both turn the the television to watch the broadcast. The man continues to say " we will gather 12 lucky divergents to battle it out to the death". I then almost start to cry and Tobias grabs my hand. It feels like my hand is shaking or is it Tobias's. Then the television continues a woman then says " we will gather the divergents from

a reaping, divergents we know your out there so be careful every time you steal something or get in trouble with the government then your name will be entered in the more times your name is entered the more chance you have of being in the games the games will start in 6 weeks ". Then all together they all say " May the odds ever be in your favour ". Then the television turns off and I start to cry and Tobias try's to comfort me but I'm just shaking and I can't stop.

5 weeks until reaping and I have calmed down a little now but i don't want to fight will Tobias until Death. Tobias seems a little shaken up but we haven't spoke about it since the broadcast.

2 weeks until reaping and we have both calmed down now and we have spoke about it and he has taught me more fighting moves just incase we are put into the games even though we have behaved so we don't but you never know.

Day of reaping we sign in by these guards in white metal suits fully armed and they prick our fingers so they bleed and then place it on a fingerprint scanner and it signs us in. I haven't seen Tobias since we left the apartment and so I'm starting to panic had he done a runner or what then I get a glimpse of him and smiles at me and mouths it will be okay as long as I'm here to protect her. Then we all get put in rows and Tobias is stood next to me and he grabs my hand tight. All the names of all the divergents are put into two bowls one for females and one for males. A males name gets pulled out the bowl by a guard and reads it out the guard says " Tobias" I look at him in almost tears and he turns to me and says everything will be alright and let's go of my hand and walks towards the steps. And before he has reached the steps the females name is pulled out and it says " Tris Prior " my heart stops I didn't want to go in but I with Tobias so I will be safe and I start to walk to the steps. Tobias stands on the bottom step waiting for me with his hand reaching to grab mine and we walk up the steps hand in hand and they take us to the stadium.

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