Perfect (1D)

Maddie isn't like every other 18 year old girl. She has bulimia. She smiles over the pain, wondering why she is still living. When she meets Zayn from One Direction, he tries to help her. Will Zayn help her over-come her insecurities or will the voice in her head win?


1. ONE.

My name is Madeline Spiegel. Maddie for short. I have what people call a 'condition', but for me it's more of a game. I just eat some food, fingers in my throat, an  bam instant weight lost. Except I was not always like this. I used to be one of the popular, happy girls. That was until she came along. She is Hannah Penburty. Everyday she told how fat and ugly I was. I finally realized that was the truth. I'm fat, ugly, and a huge loser. I don't deserve to live. Nobody loves me. I'm just a waste of space.

___________________________(Maddie's POV)  _____________________________

"Madeline, get down here!" My father yelled. I began slowly walking down the stairs, knowing what was about to happen.

"Hurry up, bitch!" Father yelled again. I quickened my pace.

"Yes, Father?" I question standing in front of him. 

"Have you've been eating again, you fat bitch?" Father asked. I shook my head. He slapped me across the face. Hard.

"Use your words!" Father said slapping me again.

"No, Father." I told him.

"Then you keep getting fatter and fatter every second, don't you?" He tormented me. I began crying and ran upstairs to my bathroom. I threw my head in the toilet, stuck two fingers in my throat, and barfed up all the remains of my stomach, from last week. Once I'm done I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and brush my teeth twice. I walk over to my room and begin throwing my belongings in a big duffel bag.

"I will not stay here and be pushed around by my own father. I already get it enough at school." I begin ranting to myself as I throw more and more stuff in. After I've finished, I put my wallet in my back pocket, sling the bag over my shoulder, and jump out the window. My knees wobble a little bit as I get to my feet. I quickly regain my balance. I have no time to waste. I begin running. I probably ran about half and hour, when I reached a McDonald's. I walk inside and receive many stares. Probably because I'm so fat and ugly. I quickly walk up to the register.

"Welcome to McDonald's. What can I get for you?" The lady asked.

"One twenty piece chicken nuggets, two McDonald's chickens, five chicken wraps, and a large sweet tea. Extra sugar." I order. She gives me a nasty look, but I ignore it. I walk over and sit at a empty table. I see a group of boys across the place staring at me. I flip them off not in the mood to be made fun of. About five minutes later my food comes. It first starts out with me quietly eating small bites at a time, but soon turns into me shovelling food into my mouth. Once I'm done I leave thirty dollars on the table and go out back around the restaurant to a dumpster. I put my face in it and barf out all the contents of my stomach. I jump down and wipe my mouth off, and turn to leave. Standing at the beginning of the alley was one of the guys that was staring at me.

"Look. Can you please leave  me alone. I know I'm fat and ugly, but it would be nice if you could not stare." I say.

"Why did you do that to yourself?" He questions me. I just begin to walk away, but he follows me. I sit down on a park bench, and he sits next to me.

"Can you just leave? I need to get some sleep." I say laying down on the bench. He looked shocked.

"Come home with me. You shouldn't  be out here alone." He says. I just shake my head at him.

"Call if you need anything." He says handing me a piece a paper, then getting up and walking away. I put the paper in my pocket. Just as I do it begins pouring down rain. I sigh. I did not wanna get sick so I had no other choice. I whipped out my phone and called that stranger.

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