Stupid Girls

For the Summer Festival Competition. The song Stupid Girls by P!NK has always inspired me so this is a story of a girl, not ordinary, not special. She has dreams, just like any other girl except that unlike everyone else, she doesn't want to be a pop star. She doesn't want to get a boob job and marry a celebrity unlike a girl at her school who is deluded and stuck up and popular.
Alecia wants to be someone that can help others. Help girls and boys, teenagers just like her who have lies and false hopes fed into their minds, stopping them from becoming something amazing and that's what she does for this 'perfect' popular.
This is the song 'Stupid Girls' by P!NK.
I incorporate the lyrics throughout the story but fair warning the video is a little explicit.


1. Perfect Girls

She sat at the back, quiet, silent. She watched day in day out as they sat at the front, flipping their blonde hair, wearing their mini skirts and tank tops, faces caked in make up. Under the straight cut black fringe that covered her eyes, she smiled as she thought about literally slamming their faces into a cake. 
"Hollie, can you tell me the year World War 2 ended?" Miss Carter's piercing green eyes glared at Hollie Hunter, queen bee, pink princess, perfect girl. 

"No Miss, but I don't really need to know it. It's not going to benefit me in life, so why should I care? Especially as I'm going to marry Jessie Boon."

Ah yes. Jessie Boon. Jessie Boon was the supposed teen 'heart-throb' pop star. All the girls thought he was gorgeous but Hollie, deluded and rich, was convinced that she was going to marry him. Although to be honest, she had a better chance than all of the other girls seeing as Jessie was a friend of the family. He was three years older than Hollie and just out of college starting his pop career. She was in secondary school with a mountain of F grades, convinced that one day she would marry him and take the easy road; she wouldn't have to work a day in her life so what was the point in trying?

"Hollie, please leave." Miss Carter pinched her forehead as Hollie smirked and got up to leave followed by her pink minions, like sheep. Pink sheep. 

"Right." Miss Carter gained back her composure and turned to the class, "Alecia, can you please bring back some sanity to the class and give me the correct date?"

Everyone turned their heads to the back of the class to the silent girl with the long black hair and straight cut fringe that covered her black kohl eyes which snapped open. 

"1945 Miss." 



She paced through the corridor. She could feel their shallow eyes following her, their whispers trying to cut through her protective bubble. She didn't care. She stood against the wall with her tight leather trousers and Doc Martins, her Aerosmith shirt peeking from under her vintage Bon Jovi leather jacket, sleeves rolled up, finger-less leather gloves showing her hands clenched into a fist. She couldn't hear them. She couldn't hear anyone; she had Alice Cooper on full volume pumping through her headphones.

"Hey! I'm talking to you!"
Alecia's kohl lined eyelids snapped open revealing eyes electric blue and angry at the whiny voice that seemed to be infiltrating. She paused her music and placed her headphones around her neck before crossing her arms and glaring at Hollie who stood before her with a cocked hip.

"What do you want Hollie?"

"Oh! So she talks!"

"I don't generally make a habit of talking with superficial, pretentious, stereotypical 'mean girls'. This isn't a social call Hollie, so what do you want?"

"We used to be close. We came to secondary and I just happened to get the upper hand, it's no reason to hate me."

"I don't hate you Hollie, I pity you. You think you won? You came here, you became a fake pink popular girl followed around by other fake pink popular girls who only hang around with you because as a group you get the attention from guys who only give you attention because they think you're easy. You could be so much more but instead you insist on fitting into a stereotype. You're deluded into thinking that life is easy. Me? I cut myself off from you the minute you started picking on misfits and girls who were unpopular. It's not right. You're not right. I take pride in being different, in being free from your misconceptions. Even now you're probably not even listening. You're probably thinking about whether you should wear a push up bra tomorrow to get Connor to ask you to prom. Now, I'm kind of busy, so what do you want?" 

"Doesn't matter." Hollie began to storm off but stopped suddenly and turned back to Alecia, "and just so you know, I am perfect. You just have to deal with that."

"You're more stuck up and deluded than I thought. Perfect people don't exist. If you need make up, bleached hair, fake tan and a short skirt to be 'perfect' then it's not really you that's perfect. It's just covering up your imperfections to show people a version of you that well...isn't you. You're imperfections are what make you perfect. I just wish you could see it."

Hollie started to open her mouth but decided it wasn't worth it and stormed off with her 'possy'.

"Good luck with the English Monologue." Alecia called after Hollie before replacing her headphones over her ears and sinking back into the lyrics of Alice Cooper's Poison. 

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