Stupid Girls

For the Summer Festival Competition. The song Stupid Girls by P!NK has always inspired me so this is a story of a girl, not ordinary, not special. She has dreams, just like any other girl except that unlike everyone else, she doesn't want to be a pop star. She doesn't want to get a boob job and marry a celebrity unlike a girl at her school who is deluded and stuck up and popular.
Alecia wants to be someone that can help others. Help girls and boys, teenagers just like her who have lies and false hopes fed into their minds, stopping them from becoming something amazing and that's what she does for this 'perfect' popular.
This is the song 'Stupid Girls' by P!NK.
I incorporate the lyrics throughout the story but fair warning the video is a little explicit.


2. Deluded Girls

There she is. Alecia thought to herself. She's throwing herself at every guy to make Connor jealous. She even bought a tiny dog to hold in her arms to make her boobs seem bigger. That the real purpose. Seriously, is that a skirt or a belt? I need to stop being so judgmental...

Oh crap.

Hollie sauntered over to Alecia and puffed out her chest. 

"How many socks you got stuffed in there?" 

"Ha ha. Funny Al. Look, I've decided to get breast implants. I'm old enough and Daddy said he'd pay for them but I need to raise £100 for a new prom dress to fit me once they're done."

"Are you serious?!" Alecia's voice heightened louder than she anticipated and a crowd began to gather. "You're getting a boob job? Holy crap, what's wrong with you?"

"Ally, you're just jealous because you don't have flocks of guys surrounding you all the time."

"I don't need to. I don't need guys. You don't need guys!"

"Well duh! Apart from Jessie, I've already got him. In a couple of years when I'm 18, Daddy will invite him over and we'll go on a date and who knows where it will go. Just saying, with his voice and my looks and money, our kids would be talented and attractive."

"You know what Hollie? I'm done. I'm sick of your games and stuck up, petty attitude. You are 16, you're still growing, the last thing you need is a boob job and what would happen if the implants burst - which a lot of them do - what would you do then? You'd have misshapen boobs and no guy would want you then and that's when you'll realize that appearance is what will get you the wrong sort of guys, the guys that use you and expect you to try and fake yourself up to get their attention. Well you've got it now Hollie. Congratulations. You are blinded and I swear the chemicals in your hair are affecting your brain because you are acting as thick as your foundation." 

"There we go folks! Another lecture from Alecia. Well screw you, I want to be beautiful and I'm going to be." Hollie ran inside and the crowd dispersed. 

Alecia followed Hollie and found her in the toilets. 

"Ugh." Hollie grimaced at the mirror. "I totally had more than 300 calories. That's so not sexy." Hollie held a toothbrush up to her mouth and began to push it back into her throat. Alecia lunged forward and snatched it away.

"Hollie, what the hell are you doing?" She stared into Hollie's eyes and grabbed her face. "You are beautiful. Please, just stop."

"I..." Hollie's voice cracked, "I can't." Tears filled her eyes and she blinked them back, "great now I'm crying. My mascara will be ruined and my foundation will smudge. I'll be a mess. And I'm going to fail."

"Hollie, you always fail. I mean no offense but I didn't think you cared about grades. You want to marry Jessie remember? Grades don't matter, you always say that."

"Jessie's gay Alecia."


"Jessie's gay!"

"Did not see that coming..."

"Yeah well... since Connor dumped me, I've been reading these blogs and magazines on how to get thinner and get the guy back."

"Hollie, they're poison. He didn't deserve you. Look at me!" Hollie looked at Alecia who held up the toothbrush.
"Hollie, this, is not the answer. Don't be that girl. You are beautiful. You are."

"You really believe that don't you?"

"Yeah I do."

"Well it doesn't matter. You were right. I got a letter from the school. If I fail English, I won't get into college."

"Wow...Hollie I'm sorry. But how do you know you'll fail?"

"I haven't prepared a monologue. The subject was aspirations right? I don't even know what that means."

"Hollie, I'm not going to let you fail."

"What do you mean?" 

"I have an idea. Trust me."

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