The future

The future of the relationship between harry and Ginny.Will it be romantic or tragic?
Or Maybe both???


4. The maps passage

Harry ran to the top of a hill to see a boot an old muddy boot. It reminded him of the World Cup. Even though he knew it would no longer work he kept it. After realising  he could not apperate to hogwarts  he aperated outside the hogshead inn and went in and rented a room.


When professor  mcgonagall had received Harry's owl she told him that she had removed the enchantment on his bed and only so he could apperate there and if he accidentally went to another.he would die and he was to send hedwig as soon as he had arrived. And so he did and much to his surprise he found winky sat on his bed crying as she said "I miss master potter and dobby. why is dobby dead and why is master potter gone"

"I'm here winky. Only because I've been kicked out of the only place I felt at home but here so this is the only place I could come. I really miss hogwarts."

"but how will you get food, there's none in the kitchen and the gate is locked?"

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeves."

so of Harry set towards the passage way he knew that led into the shop in hogsmade and in.

BANG! Behind him the passage crumbled causing it to block the light and the way back.

"lumos" said Harry causing light to flare up out of his wand then he realised the path in front had also been decimated but during the battle of hogwarts.

He was trapped!!!


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