The future

The future of the relationship between harry and Ginny.Will it be romantic or tragic?
Or Maybe both???


2. Mrs Wesley's mood

"Harry what are you doing sleeping with my Ginny" shouted Mrs Wesley " that's my daughter your in bed with. Kids nowadays,sheesh. Anyway Ginny's got a boyfriend. She's not two timing is she.GINNY ARE YOU CHEATING ON YOUR BOYFREIND WITH HARRY. 

"Mum, don't be stressed, you see harry kind of is my boyfriend and, so, yeah".

"Anyway your way to young to sleep with each other. No Ginny don't get me started on the time when I was younger"

Harry, after fully awakening, joined in the conversation."why, what happened when you were younger."


Long long ago in a inn far far away before I was with Arthur.


Molly: hello

Barry:hi babe, let's go to my room upstairs for a chat

Molly: ok


Barry:here's my room now do you want some fun

Molly: yes


1hour later 


Barry:That was good

Molly: was it now I didn't think I was good

barry: oh yes you were

Molly: thanks


2 months later

Molly: Barry.I'm pregnant

Barry: Molly you know I hate children your DUMPED 


7 months after the break up

Nurse: Molly I've got some bad news

Molly: WHAT. is it a boy.             NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Nurse: no it's a girl but the news I bear is were than that.It's stillborn


"I cried for 8 hours non stop afterwards with no man to comfort me so, never have kids until your sure or I'll ground you.       I mean it".

"Oops said Ginny as her mum left the room"


Please note I don't actually no how long pregnancy lasts so I guessed 9 months

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