The future

The future of the relationship between harry and Ginny.Will it be romantic or tragic?
Or Maybe both???


1. love

"At the Weasley's, yes"muttered harry as he walked through the front door into the burrow "hi Mrs Wesley"he shouted into the kitchen.

"Hiya harry deer. What would you like to eat, you must be hungry after traveling all that way".

"I'm ok thanks, I apperated,  so it doesn't drain me of to much energy, where's Ginny".

"In her room dear".Harry bolted upstairs to find Ginny's room as Mrs Wesley shouted,"don't forget to knock. So harry knocked and knocked and knocked. As he opened the door he saw something that he would rather not see. lying in a pool of blood there was Ginny.

"Oh you had to come in now didn't you, call Ron and George and say I'm dead".

"RON,GEORGE, ginny is dead" he said trying to fake tears.

No, no how could this happen harry could see them thinking.


After a long day of de-gnomeing the garden and eating everyone went to bed, harry in Ginny's room.




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