The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


18. Why are you talking to me?

*Anna's P.O.V*

I wake up and turn over to look at the clock, 10:30; my meeting with the guys at BBC is at 1 so I have plenty of time, I roll over and see Jason still asleep and roll my eyes, lazy shit. I kiss him on the lips and sit up but a pair of arms pull me back down.

"thought you were asleep" I say as I turn to face him.

"yes but then your kiss awoke me from my slumber" we laugh

"well Aurora, I'm getting up as because I want a girly day with Hannah." and I wrestle from his grasp.

"nooooo" he cries, "stay a little longer!" and he tries to reach for me but I'm too far away from the bed and he falls out.

I fall to the floor with laughter, "OH MY GOD! HAHAHAHAHA! I wish I filmed that! Oh my gosh!"

He looks up at my with puppy dog eyes "nice of you to offer to help me up and see if I was okay, sheesh what kind of girlfriend are you?" and pretends to sulk as he gets up to sit on the bed.

"one that laughs at you when you fall off the bed" I say with a smirk

"love you too babe, gosh" I simply laugh at his sarcasticness and go to get some clothes out of the draws and head towards our bathroom.

"wait for me!" Jason cries and runs to follow me but I quickly lock the door and evilly laugh. "I'll get you back for this babe" he says through the door

"for what?! making sure you don't perv on me when I change?" I call back as I fill the sink with water

A muffled "yes!" is my response. I'm not in the mood to shower this morning so I'll just wash myself down and shower later.

15 minutes later I leave the bathroom and go to sit at my make up desk, I reach for my concealer but it isn't there, there is however a note saying

this is what you get for not letting me in the bathroom with you ;)

Aw how cute, he thinks I desperately need my make up today, which I don't because I plan on watching DVD's and doing face masks and nail painting with Hannah today. But still, brownie points for effort. And anyway, I always know where he hides it and it isn't the first time he's hidden my make up.

I head downstairs and see Hannah and the guys sitting in the lounge, except Dan and Phil, they are probably still asleep; ugh internet people and their messed up sleeping patterns. I poke my head into the lounge and say "morning guys, I'm going to make some toast does anyone else want some."

"don't bother because Dan and Phil have gone off to get MacDonald's breakfast for us." Harley says

"ok" I say and go sit in between him and Jason. "can I have my morning kiss now" I ask Jason

"wait, why are you talking to me?" he expected me to ignore him and be in a bitchy mood cos he 'won' the little battle

"why wouldn't I talk to my boyfriend?" I reply sweetly

"because I took your make up" the boys all go "oooooh" and lean forward waiting for me to throw a bitch fit.

"I don't need it today" I say with a smirk "which brings me onto my next question, Hannah, would you like to have a girly day with me today?"

"yeah sure, it'll be fun!" she replies with a grin. I look over at Jason and he's sat there with his eyes wide open, haha! I kiss Jason on the cheek and wrap my arms around him while we wait for Dan and Phil to return.

"Oi! where's my hug and kiss?!" Harley cries so I let go of Jason and wrap my arms around Harley's neck and kiss his cheek

"Happy?" I ask

"meh, would have thought that seeing as I'm your brother you would have hugged me first this morning, but suuure hug and kiss your boyfriend instead of me" he pretends to sulk

"fine, I won't hug you then" I start to let go but he then pulls me back and says "nooo! don't leave me!" and he kisses my cheek.

suddenly I'm pulled away from Harley "mine" says Jason

Harley then pulls me back and says "she's my twin so I get to have her this morning!"

"I'm her boyfriend, and have been for 2 1/2 years, and I haven't seen her in ages!" and he pulls me back

"I'm her twin and have been for 19 years! You got her last night so I get her this morning!" Harley retaliates and pulls me back

"OK enough!" I call, "Harley you're right he did get me last night so in theory I should be hugging you now." he smirks at Jason, who sits there sulking "however, seeing as you decided to use me as a tug of war rope I'm sitting with neither of you!" I stand up and go sit on Dante's lap and hug him, it's not weird because he is practically family.

"you know you still need to talk about what happened at your dad's" Dante says.

"Fine" I sigh, just then the front door opens

"We're back!" I hear Phil shout

"YAY FOOD!" I yell and jump up to go see the boys and get my breakfast, everyone follows into the kitchen. They put the food on the counter and I jump at Dan and give him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and do the same with Phil.

"hey how come I didn't get that?" Harley says

"Because you decided to be a stropy cow and used me as a tug of war rope!"

"hey no abusing my baby sis!" Dan says

"She's my baby sis to!" Harley responds

"okay before this turns into some sort of 5 year old spat I want my food" I say. Dan hands me my food and I take it into the lounge and sit on the sofa with Hannah.

"okay so the plan of action for today is..."




A/N I know I know, I suck. it's been months and I haven't updated and I am so sorry. but my grandparents bought me and my mum a new laptop so we now have two so I'll be on that a lot and trying to update as best as I can, I hope you don't hate me too much. Hope you all had a good Christmas. do any of you have plans new years? let me know in the comments, also let me know what you think of the chapter, love you all. please don't be too mad! <3

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