The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


12. The rescue

"Nice of you to show your face" I say "you have so much making up to do"

"I know and I'm sorry, but how about we deal with that later babe?" He says with a wink, oh that boy does things to me...of ya know what I mean ;) 

"So you did get through to him" I turn to Dan 

"yup, he helped plan this"

"HA! I knew you two didn't plan this by yourselves!"

"gee thanks sis!"

"enough with the chat! Proud May have Jason now but you guys can't stop me and my men! Besides there's not enough of you, where's the rest of your gang Jason? Couldn't be bothered to help" ugh he's so dumb.

"You're forgetting something though father," I say sweetly. "You're men are either out or knocked out downstairs,"

"yes but they'll come back and kill you, but first they'll rape you infront of Jason, just how we raped Georgia" he says with a smirk. That fucking does it. Shit is going down!

i turn to him with a blank expression and step towards him "yeah right" and kick him in the balls

Jason springs into action and starts to beat up my dad like he having a work out haha. I hear commotion downstairs, that'll be dad's crew arriving, great.

Dan and Phil leap backwards as some of dad's crew file in along with the snakes! Yay! We're saved!!! 

"Sorry Jase,  we faught off most of 'em but these got past." Hold up there's someone missing.

"don't worry, you know what to do plus they are outnumbered." Literally not fazed as he beats up my dad

"Jasey, where's Justin?" Because he's so well trained he can have a normal conversation whilst he fights.

"right here" I turn around and JJ takes off his diguise to reveal himself as justin! "OMG I knew you looked familiar!!! Why didn't you say something?!?" 

"We couldn't risk anyone finding out, it was for your own safety" 

"ok, but you are explaining later!"

one guy goes to get Hannah, hell no! So I intervene and start fighting back, I know what I'm doing cos Jason has trained me for obvious reasons. Everyone is fighting except Hannah of corse. Jason is still fighting my dad, "so babe, what do you want to do after this?" He asks, really Jason?! He has to show off now! "Well we having catching up to do-" he interrupts with "babe I ment in general not sex" and he manages to wink. 

"Oi! No sex talk with my sister thank you Jason!" 

"Harley shut up! I was not referring to that plus you aren't in my good books! No Jason that's not what I ment and please don't say that out loud" I stop talking to catch dans gun and use the butt to hit the guy in the temple because I'm tired of fighting, I don't agree with  killing and I've never murdered anyone but I will use a weapon to knock someone out in a situation like this. "I want to catch up with my boys" I get an awwww in return but they're too busy fighting, "oh and I also have to kick Harley's butt!" "What why am I a victim! Jason's the one who ran off!" "Oi! Leave me out of this!!!" 

"Because Harley" I sit down and hold Hannah. "You didn't say goodbye, Jason has said sorry and give on me his goodbye, several months late but still, and you didn't. I'm still gunna kick his ass-" "shit" Jason mumbles and the guys laugh "but you're gunna get your ass kicked harder!" "Damn!" 

Jason finally stops fighting my dad and everyone else finishes by knocking them out. Jason gets the gun out of his pocket and holds it towards my dad, "Jase-" please no, I don't want to witness this, he may be a dick my dad but I don't want to see my boyfriend kill him.

"if you ever try and kidnap anyone ever again then I will kill you."

"knew you didn't have the guts" my dad groans

"oh I do but for Anna's purpose I won't, not today. But I will however leave you wounded and it'll be down to you whether you die or get help." And he shoots my dad's leg. He walks to me and puts his arm round me,

"c'mon babe, let's go home."




***AN***** so what do you guys think?! Do you still like it? Did you expect any of it? Oh and if you have snapchat feel free to add me so we can be weirdos together! @Tardis88

does anyone want to make me a new cover or do you like the current one? :*

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