The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


13. Okay? Okay

*Anna's P.O.V*

we get in the car (people carrier) and Jason has his arm round me and I sit next to Harley as well and Justin sits in front of us holding Hannah so she feels safe. I may be mad at these 3 guys, mainly Jase and Harley, but it's nice to have my boys back, I'll let rip later. The rest of the guys fill up the rest of the car and Dan and Phil are in the front. 

"Oh babe, Hannah's going to be living with us" I look at Jase

"oh ok. Nice to know I'm included in this decision" he jokingly says

"oh please you know you would have said it if I hadn't" I smirk back


"Amen!" The rest of the crew responds and I blush a little and hide my head in Jason's chest

"aww is my baby blushing" he coos and lifts my head which makes me blush more.

"hey guys" I call out "You popping over for a bit?"

"we can do why?" Dante calls out

"I've missed my guys and wanna hang out with them for a bit..." I stammer out. Well that's blown my cover

"how sweet. Now what's the real answer" drat...

"what? Am I not allowed to want to spend time with ma guys?!" "No!!" They laugh in response

"ok ok! I want help with getting back at Harley!!!!" They laugh "HEY! Jason deserves punishing too!" "Oi dude shut up!" Jase thumps harley

"yes Harley I am aware" I give Jason a stern look and he grins cheekily "but I already know how I'm getting back at him" my turn to smirk "oooooohhhhh" the guys cheer

"fuck!" He mutters and I giggle at him

after 5 minutes of us laughing at Jase and Harley I fall asleep






next thing I know I'm woken by Jason carrying me home "hey" I smile at him "hi" he looks down and kisses my cheek. "Not lips?" I question "save our proper kiss for later" "why?" "I want to make it special, we haven't seen each other in months" "and who's fault was that?" "Oh hush" he winks. "Yanno I have two legs, I can walk by myself" "so?" "Fine. Just take me to the living room" I demand ;) "geez what did your last slave die of?!" He exclaims "nothing, you're still alive ain't ya ;)" I wink "har har" he winks

we get to the living room and apparently I'm remaining on his lap as he grips onto me tighter. I look deeply into his eyes and say "Okay?" He says "Okay"





***AN*** okay so that's that chapter haha! Cute? Bad? Let me know, do you guys still love it? Comment and let me know! Oh and FYI yes I did reference The Fault In Our Stars, and yes you have to deal with it! ;)


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