The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


3. Hospital

*Dans P.O.V*

Me, Phil and Anna are sat watching How I Met Your Mother and I know that Anna isn't really into it at the moment, she has that look in her eye that she always gets when Jason is away but this time it's worse, I get it, I totally understand, he left without a proper goodbye when she needed one the most. Nothing I say or do will cheer her up and that's what hurts me the most.

I'll walk past her room at night and I'll hear her sobbing or her calling out for Jason, all I want to do is go in there and hold my babysis and make her happy but I can't! She doesn't even smile in the same way anymore. I do worry about her because I know she's not copping and I'm just hoping that she hasn't done it...

"I'm going for a shower so don't run any taps" her voice interrupts my thoughts so I can only mumble in response, when I hear the taps running I decide that I'm going to do it.

"That's it I'm calling Jason." 

"But Dan he's away, he won't answer any calls." Phil says as if to say 'duuh'

"He will if its about Anna." I get my phone out and click his name on my contacts.

"Jason listen, you need to do something, Anna isn't copping and I know you aren't either. I've known you for 2 1/2 years so I know you'll be doing something stupid to hide your pain. I'm guessing you feel bad about not saying goodbye to Anna properly so do it. All she needs is a letter, a text a phone call, anything! Even if it says that your ok and that you love her. She's acting so dull and upset I can tell she feels like you don't love her and I know where it will lead to. So please, if you truely care, which I know you will then you'll do it." I hang up and just in the nick of time because I can hear Anna shuffling around upstairs. 

As she comes down I decide I'm going to try to at least get a smile. 

"You smell much better kiddo" I say trying to get her to laugh at my immaturity but as soon as I say it I know what's happened. She hits the floor "phil call an ambulance now!!!" I scream! 

"It's ok sis, you're going to be ok. I've got you" I say cradling her.



*Anna's P.O.V*

My eyes open and when they focus I know exactly where I am. Hospital.

Great. Fucking great. Now I'm going to have to see a councillor and have regular check ups...all I need is Jason.

i know that it's Dan and Phil who got me here because I heard them as I wen I un-conscience, well I heard Dan yell at Phil. Even though Dan is 3 years older we share a weird connection where we can feel each others pain, almost like twins except we aren't. No one knows why. 

I look to my right and see Dan sat in a chair with his head on the bed, he looks so peaceful  yet so uncomfortable at the same time. I nudge him "Dan, Dan wake up. You can't sleep whilst I'm awake its not fair" he looks up so sharply it makes me jump a little.

"You're awake!! Oh my gosh you're awake!!!!" He engulfs me in a huge hug and kisses my head.

"Doctor!! She's awake" he calls out. A young handsome doctor comes in and smiles at me with a mixture if happiness that I'm awake and disappointment at my presence in the hospital...he obviously knows why. 

"Hello Anna, long time no see" he says sadly

"Wassup doctor David" I say awkwardly, he was my doctor 2ish years ago when my self harming was really bad. 

"I thought I wouldn't have to see you again for this reason Anna"

"I know, this is the only time though I swear!! I just felt so depressed about Jason that I uncontrollably did it. It won't happen again though I promise!"

"How can we be sure?"

"Because-" I got cut off by Phil standing in the doorway holding an envelope

"Because of this letter she's about to read."

"Doc can you give us some privacy please?" Dan asks

"Fine, I have to see to another patient anyhow but I will be back."

Phil hands me the envelope, my hands go clammy and they start to shake. This is it. What I've been hopping for, well one of many things but still.

"Jason's hand writing..." I say with tears in my eyes does he know I'm in hospital?"

As I say it my phone starts to ring and his face pops up.

"it's Jason!!!"






*A/N* I thought I'd give you an extra long one to make up for it being on a cliffhanger and for putting up chapter 2 later than when I said. Hope you like it, what do you thinks going to happen next? 

2+ comments for the next chapter :*

Stay strong xx

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