The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


8. Help me

*Anna's P.O.V*

I can't take being in this van any longer! "Ugh how much longer is this journey?!" I exclaim

"1 hour, and stop getting stressy!" A guy called matt called back

"I'm sorry it's just so uncomfortable tied up in the back!" It really is uncomfortable, I hope they untie me

"JJ untie her, but stay close so she doesn't try anything" JJ makes his way over, he looks so familiar but I can't understand why!!!!

"without sounding rude but how can I try anything, I can't escape and no doubt the back doors are locked" I should have seen this coming ^SLAP^ right across my face. Why didn't I keep my mouth shut

"don't EVER be sarcastic to any of us again whore!" Ouch. That hurt...

JJ finally unties me and I make a sigh of relief, "better?" OMG JJ talks!!! "yeah, thanks" I reposition myself and slowly fall asleep.

---1 hour later---

i feel myself getting punched in the arm by someone "wake the fuck up hoe!" I open my eyes to see my dad, yippie.

he drags me out of the van and hurls me at JJ, "hold on to her as tight as possible. I dot want her running away." I roll my eyes, how can I run away if I don't know where I am asshole, I think to myself

i look at the house and it looks horrible, like the type of place prostitues go, I swear :/ Oh dear lord help me. 

After getting dragged around the place and getting pervy looks off my dad's crew I get thrown in a room with 2 girls and JJ. "JJ is going to be keeping an eye on you 4. So you'll never escape, my dad laughs and locks the door as he leaves. I feel tears in my eyes, I don't want to be here, it's horrible, there is a bathroom and 4 huge beds (I'm assuming that it's a bed each) a and everything but it's all so horrible, like the state of the place and the smell. I just want my Jason, I want my brothers and I want to go home! You have to keep it together, don't let them in, don't let them see. 

One of the girls comes over and says "I'm Hannah, what's you're name?" She looks 16! This is heart breaking! "I'm Annabelle but everyone calls me Anna" "ok Anna, that's Georgia" she points at a small blonde girl who looks only 19, Georgia gives a small wave "how old are you both?" I ask

"I'm 16 and Georgia is 18" 

"oh my gosh that's horrible! Why are you both in here?!" I feel the tears again

"same as you, we got kidnapped" oh my lord!

"what do they do to you?" Why did I even ask, I already know 

"what do you think?"





*A/N Im sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!!! I feel so bad for not updating in like forever!! I've been revising and I just haven't had the time! I'm so sorry!!! Do you guys think I should bring the age rating back up? (I moved it down because it wasn't violent and sexual back then) it's starting to now so should I? Leave comments saying what you think. Mwah :*



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