The Kidnapping

Jason McCann runs away until he can get his name cleared over the recent murder he has been accused of doing, which makes it easier for his girlfriends father to kidnap her and make her pay for the hurt she caused him. It's down to her brother and his best mate to try and contact Jason to help get her back, will they get hold of him or will they have to risk it by themselves?


19. Girly day

*Anna's P.O.V*

We got home from the meeting with the BBC, Hannah gets to work in the nursery there and occasionally be an extra but she won't be for a while after the incident it's been agreed to keep her off screen so no attention gets drawn to her for a while. The boys left over two bours ago so Hannah and I could have our girly day; so far we have watched The Fault in Our Stars and used up a box of tissues... each. And now we are watching The Big Bang Theory with our feet and hands in a soloution so we can have mani's and pedi's. I have a feeling that the boys will be back in a few hours to come and crash our girly day, but oh well.

"What food should we order?" I ask Hannah

She turns and looks at me with a "did you really just ask me that look" and we both grin and say "PIZZA" we laugh. I dry off my hands and then get out my phone to order pizza. Once I order it Hannah says "Please can we watch the 100!?"

I laugh at her constant whining (A/N I fucking love this program and season two is being aired in january ^.^) "when the boys are home, we did promise them!"

"ugh fine!" she cries, we may have gotten her hooked on it earlier...whoops. "can we do our nails now?"

"sure, I'll do yours if you do mine after?" I ask


both our nails are jewelled up and our toes are drying and thats when we hear the front door open...hear we go.

"WE'RE HOME" they yell

"IN HERE" we call back and we attempt to stand up, we failed and fellback down and laughed. Jason appears in the door way and laughs at us

“Shut up!” We cry but it’s no use. “I swear to god as soon as my nails are dry I am gunna get you Jason McCann.” I say as serious and threatening as I can but it didn’t work as I am still on my ass. “Well could ya at least help us up?!” I ask and Jason and Dante run over to help us. We check our toes and they are done and we tidy up our stuff and they boys join us on the sofa.

“So what have you lot done today?” Hannah asks as she cuddles into me, I think she’s worn out from our fangirling over the movies.

“Went to the arcade and then went shopping.” Dan said

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You actually went shopping, on your own accord without us?! I swear something is wrong with you guys.” I say “where abouts did you go shopping then?” what? I can’t be curious and find out if they got me anything?

“Oh yanno, the games store and places like that.” Phil says

“Oh ok so you went on a nerd spree. Gotcha.” I say and we all laugh. “Did you win anything at the arcade?” I ask

I look over at Justin and he looks like he’s going to say something but then the doorbell goes. Hannah and I jump up and shout “PIZZA!!!!!” and all the boys cheer, Hannah and I run to the door to get our food, I pay the delivery boy and tell him to keep the change. We sit in the lounge and sort out plates so we can pick and choose.

“Now that everyone is here and we have food can we please put on The 100?!” Hannah exclaims and we laugh

“Yeah!” I say and Dan goes to set it up.

“But before we watch it lets grab the things we bought.” Justin says and all the boys get up except Dan who is setting up the TV. The boys come back in with shit loads of bags.

“Okay so we got food for a movie/TV show night and we brought a couple more DVDs.” Justin starts off.

“I got you this” Dan says handing me a Doctor Who box set!


“I got you this” Harley says giving me a beanie “so hopefully you’ll stop stealing mine!”

“Yeah no that won’t happen haha, but thank you”

“And I won you this at the arcade” Jason says handing me a Winnie the Pooh that says “I love you” on it

“Aww, I love you too” I say and kiss him

“Hannah,” Dante says “I won you this” he hands her a little Piglet oh my gosh how adorable

“AWWWWWWW” I say and everyone looks at me “sorry but that is so fucking cute!”

“Thank you Dante” Hannah says and hugs him.

We catch up on all The 100 episodes we have missed then put on some movies and eat all the food the boys brought home. The last time I check the time it was 3 in the morning and the next thing I know someone puts a blanket over me.

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